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May 7, 2007

Fiore's Spectacular Roast Beef and Mozzarella

With my move, I have decided to get out and explore a bit more. Two friends of mine suggested I try Fiore's Deli, located at 414 Adams St., saying how incredible their famous Roast Beef and Mozzarella heroes were.050707a.JPG

But they warned me. First - They only sell this on Saturday. Second - I needed to be aware that they run out of this very fast, and I needed to be there early. Third, there could be lines outside the door. Fourth, they were very no-nonsense there and even likened them to the Seinfeld episode of "The Soup Nazi". I have to admit I wasn't that interested in going to a deli to get yelled at, but the prospect of this roast beef compelled a visit.

I got to the store at 11:30am on a Saturday. There were about 6 people in line ahead of me, and I casually looked around, trying to watch how others were ordering their food. It didn't seem very tense, and even the workers there were joking with what appeared to be "the regulars".

There was a tall blonde girl ahead of me, listening to music on her Ipod. I tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Ok, i'm new here what's the deal?"

She seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. I clarified.

"You know, the whole "ordering process" like The Soup Nazi. Do I have to do anything special when ordering, like have my money ready or shuffle left?"

She laughed, and so did an older italian couple to my left who were finishing up with their order.

The older italian man said, "I saw that episode last night!"

The girl replied, "No, it isn't that bad. Just first choose your bread - the hero or the roll - and go up and order what you want."

I was a bit relieved, this place seemed ok to me.

I grabbed a long, fresh italian bread from the dispenser and waited. I love the italian bread in Hoboken - is it the water? - something that Hoboken and Philly always did right was their bread. I only wish someone up here made Fresh Soft Pretzels (Whoop! Whoop! Million Dollar Idea - someone franchise a soft pretzel factory in Hoboken, make millions then thank me...could you imagine owning a place that that, approaching every bar in town on Football Sundays to see if they want an box to sell...trust me, it will sell...), like home.

I get up to the end of the line, and make my order quick, like I know what i'm talking about, "Roast Beef, Mutz, Light on Gravy..."

The guy listened to the point where I said "Roast Beef, Mutz..." and started to talk with a regular customer, so my "light on gravy" intertwined with their conversation. I wasn't sure if he heard me, and didn't want to push my luck by saying, "LIGHT ON GRAVY!" or something. I hate a mushy sandwich when the gravy soaks into the roll and ruins everything into a sloppy mess.

I turned waited to the right, and the worker, lead me to the side, so he could finish the order. That's where I decided to push my luck. I asked him if he could hold up the sandwich.

"What? You want something to remember it by?", he joked.050707b.JPG

The old italian couple laughed at this.

I explained I wrote for a local website. I was going to write an article about "My day I went to Fiore's..."

He nodded, and reached into a pan, and quickly handed me a slice of fresh Mozzarella, saying "We have the best in town."

I tasted the slice of mutz, and felt the milky creaminess mixed with a salty brine, overtake my senses. It had a great consistency, not too firm and not too soft. I was already looking forward to my sandwich.

I scurried home, sandwich in hand and quickly realized something.

I may have ordered too much.

Hey, i'm an eater. I can wolf down lots of food, but my first mistake was picking a long italian hero. This was enough sandwich for two people (look at the picture!). I remember at the store they did ask me, "You want a whole italian hero?" and I was confused at the question and said, "Yes?"

I think they sort of knew I was biting off more than I could chew (no pun intended.....ok, maybe a little). In retrospect, I think they would have sliced the bread in half for me, if I asked.

The roast beef was on the rare side, the way I like it. When I was at the store the older italian lady did ask them for "Not-so-rare-roast-beef", so you can order that if you like, if they have it.

The gravy was added perfectly, there was a bit of "mush", but the buttery goodness of that roll, the mutz and the hero created a symphony of delight in my mouth. It was that rare time when i'm eating and thinking, "Man, this is so good."

I finished half of the sandwich and was DONE. I felt bad that I couldn't share it with someone else, but now I can. Get down to Fiore's this Saturday. Order the Roast Beef and Mozzarella. Remember the rules:


Then email me or post a comment about what YOU think. I have been in Hoboken for 12 years now. This is written for those people, like me, who need to get out and adventure, and try new places in our town.

Posted by Furey at May 7, 2007 12:30 AM


My wife (then girlfriend) lived next door to Fiore's our last year in Hoboken. The shop is oddly setup, which definitely makes it feel like there's some difficult protocol in ordering, but they really are friendly there.

We used to split a sandwich, because they're so big. I'm not even a big fan of roasted red peppers - but theirs are great. Along with sun-dried tomatoes, mutz, fresh basil and balsamic - mmmmmmm...

Posted by: Thom Author Profile Page at May 10, 2007 12:06 PM

They have roast beef during the week so call to find out. Happy eating!

Posted by: Mlin212 at May 25, 2007 10:50 PM

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