Hoboken Arts & Music Festival 05-07

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Here's a pic of the Arts & Music Festival.

I was out for about an hour snapping a few shots, and got to see a few friends along the way.

A special congratulations to my friend Michelle on her engagement. She ran up to me, showed off the rock with squealing in delight, with: "Can you believe it?"

I actually can. A great girl, that one.

Also got to see the man, myth, machine, legend: Hoboken Eddie (he's in the Superman shirt, showing off his sauce). It has been a year since I saw him last, amazing how big his kids are now!

Got to try some various foods, and my favorite always is the pulled pork BBQ sandwiches from a vendor on 3rd and Washington. Least favorite was the chicken kebab from a Greek vendor on 5th and Washington - chicken was blackened on one side, thrown on a pita roll and barely any sauce for $5. Terrible, couldn't even finish half of it.

Was it me or was this year stroller central? I'm all for the new mommies and daddies out there, and certainly it is very hard for them, as parents.

But I have to add this observation by a friend that really made me wonder about people and the general level lack of civility that exists today she emailed me this on Monday:


"As per usual (of late) the strollers were ANNOYING AS HELL yesterday, and why people feel a need to bring their yippy little dogs to a place where they will likely be stepped on is beyond me. But moving on....

My cousin joined me for her first Arts & Music Fest and wanted Ben & Jerry's, so she and her boyfriend went in to get some. I waited outside smoking (outside of the gated area too so as not to blow smoke on the people eating) and I noticed a little boy, no older than three or so, in his stroller seated at a table facing the sun. He's dropped his sword and he's calling for "Daddy" to pick it up. I look closer and see not only is the kid sitting facing into the sun, he's sitting alone. The table next to him is ignoring him, so it's quite clear that they're not with him. Now he's shrieking for "DADDY" and I put out my cigarette and walk over and pick up the sword and hand it to the kid, looking around for "Daddy" to come by. Nothing. So I stand with the kid (mind you, this is in front of Ben & Jerry's, right by the windows/doors) debating on what to do. I finally decide to call the non-emergency police dept' b/c these parents have left the kid unattended for ten minutes and for the last two to three I'm hovering over their child and they're not showing up.

Just as I open up my phone out walks Daddy with a giant ice cream cone and the little boy's sister-she's about five and holding her own. He says "What are you doing with my son?" So I said, "Just getting ready to report an abandoned child, sir. He dropped his sword ten minutes ago and about five minutes ago I finished my smoke and picked it up for him. Where have you been?"

He says to mind my own business and his wife walks out with their other tow-headed daughter, about five also (probably twins). They're both in their late 30's/early forties. Between them, they ordered five ice creams but LEFT THE TWO TO THREE YEAR OLD IN A STROLLER TO GUARD A TABLE FOR THEM. That's SERIOUSLY ridiculous.

So the father says to me "Get away from my son and never smoke around a child again." The wife says, "Who is SHE??" and I walked away and waited for my cousin.

I didn't bother to correct them that I was standing on the other side of the gate, five feet from the tables smoking, or that I waited for them to help their own son or anything. I was completely disgusted. Who leaves a child unattended and unwatched for that long? If you saw a stranger standing next to your child and trying to talk to your three year old, wouldn't you rush right over and find out what that stranger was up to?"

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