The Armenian Nightmare

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It has almost been two weeks since I moved into my condo.

I tried to get the condo ready before I moved in, even staying at my old apartment for two weeks to give my contractor and painter time to work on my new condo while I wasn't there.

The contractor, Sammy, and I went over a series of goals in my condo, and he did a lot of work on my place before I moved in. For the last ten days, however, he was waiting to install my shelving. I kept reminding him to do it, but he had other priorities in mind and other jobs to work on. It was getting to a point where I was getting really angry. I was living out of boxes.

People would say to me, "Wow, you must be so excited to have your own place! Aren't you happy?"

No. I wasn't happy. I was pissed off. Sammy imploded my kitchen. My closet shelving wasn't done. I felt like I was on a camping trip in my new home. All my clothes were in boxes. When I would wake up, I would shower, then rummage around in my boxes for something to wear.

The "American Dream" was instead an "Armenian Nightmare". I was like a refugee in a war-torn condo, living on the brink somewhere between homeowner and homeless.

For the last 10 days I kept saying to Sammy: "Hey, can we get the closet shelving done?"

Sammy would be like "Sure, sure. I will take care of that very soon."

I'd rush home from work, like a kid on Christmas morning, hoping i'd walk in the house and see the closet shelving done. Each day i'd be disappointed to see that nothing has changed. I would call him and sometimes get his voice mail. When I could reach him it was "always tomorrow".

Finally, I called Sammy with a new attitude. Up until this point I had been nice to the guy. Persistent, but nice. My tone changed.

I already paid Sammy over 1/2 of the money we agreed on for our budget. My phone call wasn't nasty, but I just said basically that I have been living in boxes for the last 10 days and I have been waiting for him to put up the closet shelving. I reminded him what I already paid him, and asked him basically point blank: "Please - help me to live like a human being. Get me out of living from boxes and put up the shelving."

Sammy pulled through and put up my closet shelving on Wednesday. I got home from work and I was very excited to see what he did. It was amazing the difference I was feeling while unboxing everything I owned and put it on my new shelves. I had so much storage space! It was the first time since I moved into my condo that it started to feel like...a home.

Here's some shots of the before and after pictures after the jump...

This is a shot of the original bedroom closet. It is sort of hard to see, but the door is blocking the right side. The contractor and I felt like we could expand the closet and get more use out of it. Also of note is that the water heater for the apartment was on the left side of the closet, and its only access was through the closet and it made hanging any sort of shelving difficult. We decided to cut out the wall, and we would build a fake wall with access into the front of the bedroom.

Here's a shot of the closet, with the right side expanded. The contractor started work on creating access to the water heater, and put up sheet rock in the closet on the left wall.

The new shelving is up. I have top and bottom racks, along with plenty of shelving for sweaters, clothes and shoes. There is a pull out drawer and a hamper installed. Sammy will be installing new white pine doors soon (I hope!).

This is a shot of the hall closet (notice the Westbrook jersey!). It has two racks on either side for my coats (you can only see the right most side in this shot), and lots of shelving and drawers for various items.

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