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Slowly but surely, we are gettin' there. New ceiling goes up soon, with high-hat lights, on a dimmer, and a crown moulding around the cabinets. Granite people coming on Saturday to measure countertop, and should have the granite in by sometime next week. New tile floor and a matching tile backsplash to follow. My brother in law coming by the end of the month to swap out the broken A/C unit.

condo 003.jpg

condo 016.jpg

051807 002.jpg

april 007.jpg

051807 001.jpg


It appears that you have no vent above the stove? I hope the microwave you installed has a vent with filter, at least?
Otherwise, you'll find yourself setting off the smoke alarm quite often when you cook on the stovetop...

The microwave is a "microhood" and has a vent with a filter, built in. Its freaking awesome, when you activate it, the hood (its the steel strip above the microwave door), slowly pops open like something out of a sci-fi movie. Very cool.

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