Top Five Pet Peeves of Bus Drivers

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On a rainy day last week I didn't have my umbrella, so I hopped on the 126 NJ Transit Bus (Clinton Street) to give me a quick ride from the PATH station to my condo, instead of being drenched by walking in the rain. I watched the bus pull out of the station, make a right on Hudson, another right on Observer Place, and wait at the light in front of Texas Arizona. A girl comes running up to the bus and slaps her palm against the bifold glass door, looking at the bus driver and shouting, "Let me on!"

The bus driver looks at her, and says, "Hey, calm down!"

The girl continues to slap the door as the bus pulls away and leaves her standing in the middle of traffic.

I was sitting in the front seat and said to the bus driver, "Doesn't that annoy you?"

She says, "Yea, I woulda let her on, but she was so rude!"

Watching this from my seat I was happy the bus driver didn't let the girl on the bus. Far too many people that live in Hoboken, who think the world revolves around them.

"So, what's your top 5 pet peeves when driving a bus?", I asked her. This is what she told me...

1. Standing next to her while she is trying to drive the bus. If you look, there is a line on the bus which you shouldn't stand past. If the bus is packed, don't be rude and stand there - wait for the next bus.

2. Having your money out & ready before the bus shows up. If you are standing at the bus stop, before the bus pulls up, dig into your wallet or pants and have the change ready, rather than getting on the bus, rummage through your wallet, and take a minute to find the money. She also added that when at a bus stop, don't jump out at the last second to wave down a bus. If you stand in a visible location and give a friendly wave when the bus is a 1/2 block away (like you are flagging a cab), that is helpful.

3. When the bus drops you off - don't jump in front of the bus to cross the street, make eye contact with the driver and then cross.

4. People who shout at her from the backseat - she can't hear you. Then, she says, people get all upset when they have to get up, walk to her, and explain what they want. Imagine that. Talking like a normal person to another person versus shouting at someone from a distance.

5. Cell Phone users - she can't stand people who sit near her and yap on the cell phone like its their job. I totally agree with that, I hate taking the bus and listening to people talk. There should be a ban for cell phones on public transportation - unless it is an emergency. No, an emergency isn't calling your special other to tell them you are on the bus and to decide what you are going to have for dinner.


You took the bus the 6 short blocks to your condo? Wow.

Man, I wish people would post this at the bus stops in Hoboken and in Port Authoriy, because I've seen offenders of all of the above on any given day. I HATE when people treat the bus drivers like they are their own personal chauffeurs and act as if the bus is their limo (i.e. -- the loud cell phone talkers and the ones who sit in the outside seat and leave their stuff on the inner seat in the hopes of driving off people from sitting next to them).

I know it's the bus driver's job to keep the paying customer happy and all, but so many people are just so damn rude to them, and the drivers I deal with are usually really nice. I'm glad you took some time to get the other side.

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