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In life there comes a moment when we all need a little help from our friends.

This is one of those moments.

No, I don't need a kidney. My heart is ticking just fine, thank you. I'm not in dire need of money, my cashflow is fine even with evil PSE&G taking $100 away from me per month.

What I need are bodies. Lots and lots of bodies.

Evil genetic experiments? No.

Porn shoot? I wish.

Stop the evil developers of Hoboken? Yep!

Yes folks, I need you to stop the sprawl. Developers in Hoboken are looking to make a seven story building at the corner of 1st and Clinton. It is currently the site of The Jefferson Trust Bank Building.

I'm all for the renovation of the bank building, and think there are lots of uses that the building can be used for, but we don't need more luxury condos in town. Developers are flooding the market to meet a supply that just isn't there.

A strong show of support against this would be a great way of helping me and my fellow residents of this neighborhood. How can you help?

Look, it's simple, i'm only asking for an hour of your time. There are two meetings:

June 12th at 7pm (Historic Preservation Committee) and June 19th at 7pm (Hoboken Planning Board) at City Hall.

Even if I can get 5, 10, 15 extra people to these meetings to show that we are against this development, it would be a huge help and I would absolutely appreciate it. You can email me for details or questions.

Thanks again.

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