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Last year I tried car camping with some friends, and I had mixed feelings towards it.

I liked getting outdoors, and enjoyed the campfire, friends and food, but didn't like being so close to other campers. I really wanted to get into the WILDERNESS and experience outdoors.

My buddy Matt told me of a group of guys he met 6 years ago while living in Philly. They were all in the same fraternity at Stockton State who go a few times a year for a weekend camping trip. What started as college thing spawned into 17 years of camping trips they call, "Team Hike". Matt met these guys while living in Philly about 6 years ago, and has been going with them when he can.

This weekend, we are headed near Hawk Mountain/Wind Gap, PA, and are going to do a weekend camping trip. I have my gear from last year, and had to buy a few other things, like a large internal frame backpack. I want to camp light, if possible, but also don't want to be caught in the middle of nowhere without the proper gear.

Do you backpack/hike? Maybe you have some advice for me. If so, feel free to email me or add your comments.

Here's a list of what i'm taking with me to last Friday (drive to main lot, park and then a 1.8 mile hike to camp, stay the night), Saturday (hike 6 miles to Bake Oven Knob Shelter) & Sunday (hike 1.3 miles to second parking lot, where we will have some cars parked to take us back to main lot). :

1. 2 Gallons Water (everything I read kept saying "Bring lots of water!")
2. 2 cans of Tuna (I have pita bread I can bring to put this on)
3. Hard Cheddar cheese & crackers (not sure about crackers here)
4. Peanut Butter & Jelly (I have these in "one serving" containers, can spread on pitas)
5. Cookies (again, might be "crushed cookies")
6. 2 Apples (nature's perfect snack)
7. Beef Jerky (good dehydrated protein)
8. Dried Apricots (good dehydrated fruit)
9. Granola Gorp (trail mix)
10. Bran bars (could be replaced by gorp)
11. Instant Oatmeal (2 packets for breakfast)
12. Freeze-dried dinner (could 86 this and just eat Tuna/PB&J instead)
13. Plastic fork (need 1 or 2)
14. Salt/Pepper/Mayo packets (for Tuna)
15. Travel Toothpaste (need just a small tube)
16. Travel Deodorant (meh)
17. Gum (maybe this could replace my toothpaste/brush!)
18. Tent Pillow? (Could leave this and just use clothes as a pillow)
19. Lash straps (never know when you need to lash)
20. Small towels (1 for wet, 1 for dry)
21. Sunscreen (muy importante!)
22. Bug spray (¡Dado, insectos, dado!)
23. Sunglasses (¿Por qué soy que escribe en español?)
24. Hat (我们改为尝试这)
25. Small digital camera (不, 我不喜欢这)
26. First Aid Kit (Ok fixed that sorry. Yes, we need a first aid kit, but I guess everyone has one and can ditch it)
27. Short Sleeve synthetic Shirt (Everything I read says avoid cotton clothing on a hike)
28. Long Sleeve cotton hoodie (Just in case it gets chilly at night?)
29. Shorts synthetic (Same idea here as #27)
30. Underwear (Yes, my lists include dumb things like this because I will forget to pack it and then i'm goin' commando!)
31. Socks synthetic (Remember "Commando"? I loved that movie. It was so bad, it's good.)
32. Sneakers/Hiking Boots ("Let off some steam, Bennett*.")
33. Toothbrush ("Remember when I said, 'I'd kill you last'? I lied.")
34. Sleeping Bag & Foam Pad (Sorry, got distracted. Yes, you need a foam pad because if you don't the cold ground will seep thru the compressed sleeping bag)
35. Tent (duh)
36. Flashlight (wanted to get a head-lamp instead)
37. Ziploc bags (for trash).

Suggestions? Complaints? Email me!



T.P. for your bunghole!

it's "Let off some steam, Bennett" not sully. sorry.

JP: See, that's what I get for not checking IMDB...

JT: Good point!

Don't forget your hair wax/gel. You never know who you'll meet out there. ;p

Get the headlamp. They are cheap and worth it.
There are isolated thunderstorms on tap for this weekend. A Gore-tex shell would be a good idea.
Noting it may rain, don't take the cotton hoodie for warmth, take a fleece layer as it will keep you warm even if you get wet. I bet it will get chilly at night. You make mention of a campfire, but no way of starting one. A small box of waterproof matches is always good to have in your bag. TP (mentioned above) and a little shovel to dig a hole to poo in. Chapstick with SPF. I *love* convertible pants. I know everyone laughs at me about it, but they are really handy. You put them on in the morning when it is cool, and as it warms up during the day, you zip off the leg bottoms turning them into shorts, and then put the legs back on as the sun goes down. One article of clothing, multiple functions. Wheee! I got mine at REI and they are a quick-drying synthetic material.

I'm a huge REI fan from my California years. They have some good articles on their website about trip planning. Here is their list of overnight camping essentials: http://www.rei.com/online/store/LearnShareDetailArticlesList?categoryId=Camping&url=rei/learn/camp/hkovrbkf.jsp&vcat=REI_EXPERT_ADVICE_CAMPING.

I didn't see beer on that list! :)

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