The Best Acoustic Guitar Rock Songs In Hoboken?

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On our last backpacking trip, Matt brought his guitar with him on the trail. At night, by the campfire, he jammed out a few songs he knew, but also admitted afterwards he wished he could learn more sing-a-long type rock songs. So I thought about it and tried to put together a list of the most popular acoustic guitar rock songs.

My list was small, I came up with:
Bon Jovi, "Dead or Alive".
Barenaked Ladies "If I Had A Million Dollars".
Simon & Garfunkel "Only Living Boy In New York".
Dobie Gray "Drift Away".
Men At Work "Land Down Under".
Dave Matthews "Ants Marching".

Then it got me thinking: "Who would know other good songs to play?"

I thought back to my early years in Hoboken, listening to Patrick Fleming play guitar at Moran's. We had some great nights listening to Pat strumming his six string. Patrick has left our lands for Austin, where I hope he is doing well. After Patrick left, Will O'Connor has been playing at Moran's, every Friday night.

I figured Will would be a pretty good expert to ask, and I emailed him the question (and included my list of songs): "What are the most popular acoustic guitar rock songs in Hoboken? What gets the crowd amped up & interested in singing along with you?"

Will emailed me back: "Though I've grown to loathe these songs at this point and will only enjoy playing them for crisp $50 dollar bills. Drunk people will always sing along to: "Brown Eyed Girl" - known among solo musicians as "B.E.G.", as in, "You better BEG me to play it." -- and "Sweet Home Alabama" -- which I'm less likely to flat out refuse, but which has grown very tired for me in the live music bar scene."

Will included these songs, with a few comments:
John Denver "Country Roads," "Leavin' on a Jet Plane" & "Rocky Mountain High" (especially if you're camping)
Steve Miller "The Joker"
Creedence Clearwater Revival "Looking Out My Backdoor" & "Proud Mary"
Irish Traditional Drinking Song "The Wild Rover"
Don McLean "American Pie" (it's an endurance test, but people love to sing along)
Joe Jackson "Is She Really Goin' Out With Him"

There you have it.


Gotta love Will O'Connor! Is his music as good as his mind?

The musicians at one of my favorite New Orleans bars (The Tropical Isle) have a list of songs that they'll do for a buck, thrown into the tip jar. There are a few however, that they won't do for less than a fin, such as "Free Bird." And then there's "Stairway to Heaven," for which their price list simply states "You couldn't afford it."

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