Ocean City Fishermen At Dawn

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Originally uploaded by Furey
Here's a link to some of the pictures I took at dawn in Ocean City, NJ.

Some came out better than others and i'm still learning a bit with my hobby. I definitely need to get a tripod, but hate the bulkiness of it. Thinking about trying out the Gorillapod, but worried about putting a very expensive SLR on to a $55 tripod.

My mother asked me later about how I woke up so early, since I am so well known for sleeping in.

I have a strange trick - if I say to myself before sleep, "OK I have 6 hours until I need to wake up" - my body wakes itself up before any alarm goes off (It isn't a 100% success rate, more like 75% rate). Sometimes within minutes of when the alarm was scheduled to sound. It also only seems to work when I have something important to do or something that i'm excited about.

But I still had an alarm set, just in case.

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