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I woke up this morning at 5am, with a booming sound, which I first thought was a bomb.

That's the thing that sucks about living in a post 9-11 world. I'd hear thunder as a kid, and it was just thunder.

I hear these sounds now, roused from a slumber and the first thing I think is, "Was that a bomb?"

I guess score one for the terrorists.

When my alarm went off, and I was getting ready for work I got a text message, "Get ur canoe this am" from Matt.

I step outside, and get to see my new waterfront property:

Yesterday there was a report on NJ.com about NJ Transit investing $10 million in a new sewer system on Observer Highway, which should alleviate this flooding. Only issue I have is that no one - NO ONE - does anything in Hoboken for generousity. Its pure "Quid Pro Quo" - This for that.

Those that have been watching City Hall know that NJ Transit has been jonesing to build new Newport-sized buildings near the rail yard for mixed use residential/commercial occupancy. The citizens are completely against this, and some of the newer members of City Hall have opposed such construction by NJ Transit.

I just hope something happens soon.

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I flew out of town for the day Tuesday, leaving my house at 6am and returning at 1:15 am Wednesday. So I slept through the storm. I got up, showered and went into work late (I left Hoboken around 9:30). I could SMELL that there had been a flood. I happened to be speaking with my father who confirmed that he was watching CNN and the NYC Metro area had flooded. I was shocked by the pictures I've seen here and on 411. The flood waters were gone at 9:30 (and least from Grand to Washington on 2nd). It's amazing how much damage occurred in such a short time.

This problem REALLY needs to be addressed.

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