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Over the last few months everyone always asks, "So, how's the new condo?"

My basic response has been, "Slowly, but surely the renovations have been coming along."

When FKI from Hobokenchat/Hoboken411 commented on a previous entry about the "H.A.T.T" (Hoboken Actual Time Translator), I laughed it off. Surely the renovations wouldn't take as long as a few months. My contractor told me everything would take 4 days, tops.

FKI, you were right!

My condo is basically 99% done. As you can see, I need to choose and install a kitchen light, along with two lights for above the granite countertop. I really 082607a.jpgsuck at picking things like this, and if anyone is good at something like this, your advice would be appreciated. I have next week off from Corporation X, and i'm not going anywhere, just chilling around town. I certainly can use that time to hit up Home Depot, but I hate just going to a store and wandering around - I like a PLAN.

I'm very happy with the work that was done, especially when compared to how my condo once looked, and my new glass kitchen table and chairs were delivered on Saturday. I spent a few weeks looking online at various tables, some glass and some wood. I checked out sites like Restoration Hardware and Crate and Barrel, along with a few others. I liked what Restoration Hardware had, but since the kitchen was small, 082607b.jpgI didn't want to plunk down $1200 for a table that may be useful in this condo, but not so useful in a future residence with a larger dining area.

One of the limitations of the condo is that space is at a premium, and I have to be careful about what furniture I buy and how I utilize the closets. Easily one of the best purchases I made was the EZ Closet shelving for my bedroom and hall closets. One of the poor choices I made was buying the leather chair and ottoman, along with a leather couch for my family room. 082607c.jpg
They just don't fit, and I think I have to sell the chair and ottoman and replace it with a love seat. As you can see from the picture, the glass mirror wall has been replaced with drywall. Yes, I realize I need something to put up on the walls, and that is on my "things to do" list at

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The condo looks very handsome. I'm always a little amused how men so often gravitate to black leather furniture, but if you really like it, fine. A background color on your "art wall" might bring the room together.

My only suggestion would be to look at a decorating magazine or two before you hit Home Depot. Your chandelier over the dining table is nice, and a pendant in a similar style would be appropriate in the nearby kitchen. Hope that beautiful kitchen inspires you to cook!

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