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Edited to add: Hey looks like it's already invented. :(

Ok, here's my current million dollar idea.

I get them all the time.

One of my biggest issues is food. I'm a finicky eater. Just very picky when it comes to what I like and I would, at times, simply not eat, even when hungry, than eat something i'm not in the "mood" for.

With my gym routine back in full effect, i'm cooking for myself more. Nothing super fancy, but there's only so many times I want steak. Last night I made chicken fajitas. It turned out very well, and was simple to make. I wanted to make a fajita marinade with the chicken and decided to wing it. I used to get the chicken stir fry kit from Fresh Direct. It's great, but the problem with Fresh Direct is that basically everything you buy is fresh and goes bad in 3 days.

That doesn't work for me very well. Like I said, i'm picky with food. I don't know what I will want to eat tonight. I will know in about 6 hours what i'm in the mood for. I have friends who cook up entire batches of chicken on Sunday and eat it everyday for lunch with their brown rice. Every. Day.

That would be like a death sentence for me. I'm a fan of variety. I certainly have my favorite foods: Chicken with Broccoli, Virginia Baked Ham, Filet Mignon steak (medium rare) and of course: LAMB!

Inside joke on the "Lamb".

Anyhow, what does this have to do with my topic idea? Ok, somehow take a cookbook and then make it an iPod file. Let's say i'm at the gym. I'm are coming home and want to make something fresh and delicious.

Open the iPod, go to "Cookbook" choose type: "Chicken", and skim thru the recipies. Look over the ingredients and on my way home, I shop at the food store (or I may have some of the ingredients at home).

Often I find that I get home from the gym and then going BACK out to shop for food sucks. Like I wrote yesterday once I get home, the motivation drains from me.

But if, on my way back, I knew EXACTLY the portions I needed to buy, then i'm set.

Oh, I forgot to mention - i'm not a cook that can just throw items into a pan and make something great. I'm excellent if you give me a recipe that has portions & temperature settings & times. My ex-roommates can attest to my recipe prowess.

So why don't *I* make this idea millions for myself?

Oh, i'm the typical Aquarius. I dream up these ideas. For all I know this one could be in existance (i'm fully expecting someone to post a comment: "ALREADY INVENTED!")

And for the record, someone came up with my dog rental idea in San Fran.

Editied to Add #2: Ok, the idea above is a cookware maker for your ipod - basically add your recipies to an if I can come up with a bunch of great recipies and sell those....millions....well, ok maybe not millions...

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I learned early -- and I gotta lotta years on me -- that the trick in cooking is to pre-think everything. The appetite follows the ingredients if you know what I mean. Buy the chicken today to eat tomorrow. Spend a day getting your mouth set for chicken. In the meantime, load up on ground beef, say, and always keep an onion and some garlic around the house.

While deciding whether to roast or boil the chicken -- tomorrow -- or cut it up into pieces or packets, make dinner tonight by chopping up half of that onion, warming until transparent, then adding the chopped garlic just until you can smell it cooking. Then add the ground beef, or drained tunafish, or even canned cannellini beans if that is your choice. Some dried herbs will only enhance this. Add half a can of tomatoes and simmer about ten minutes. This can be mixed with cooked rice, served over pasta, or wrapped in a tortilla with some shredded cheese.

You do have to do a little research on how to cook that chicken (or ask me and I'll give you some hints).

If you don't like chicken you could substitute ham, or a roast of pork, beef of lamb or something else for the anticipated next-day meal. All of these take a while to cook. You could just get a steak if you want something quick. Or pork chops.

The secret is to plan ahead, make something easy tonight, check out a few healthful diet books (I'm told South Beach is easy and tasty) or buy Eating Well or some other magazine after checking it out first. They give the measurements, cooking times and everything.

Good luck!

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