Hoboken Firefighters To The Rescue!

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I was on my way to work, going to the elevator.

I push the down button, and wait.

The elevator arrives, the door opens about 1/4 of the way, and then starts to shut.

I hear a woman's voice saying, "Whatt....?"

I quickly hit the down button again.

The elevator doesn't move. I don't hear it moving at all. I hear the woman pressing the buttons on her side and she says, "It's not opening...."

I wait a bit, then push on the outer door. It won't budge.

The girl starts to panic saying, "Oh my God. Oh my God. No."

I try to calm her down, but it really didn't work. I can hear her sobbing.

I get on my cell phone and call the police. They tell me they will call the fire department. The fire department arrives in about three minutes. The girl is on her cell phone sobbing to someone while the firefighters set up to open the door and get her out. Her husband/boyfriend arrives, just as they get the door open (with three people really working very hard to get it open). She gets out, thanks the firefighters and me. Also, to note, she was very pregnant. So now I understand why she was so frightened - I can only imagine the stress of being pregnant and then getting stuck in an elevator doesn't help. I'm sure images of her going into labor and stuck in an elevator flashed in her mind.

What impressed me the most was our city firefighters. First off, we take them for granted. If it wasn't for them, I would have been clueless what to do? Certainly I could have called the super, but there's no chance he and I could have done what they did. I was going to take a picture of them in action, but didn't think it was appropiate.

I was 45 minutes late for work, but what was I going to say to her, "Oh, sorry I have to go to work now, but the firemen are on the way..."

Well that way my excitement for the day, aside from my walk to work and witnessing NYC police busting two Crips near Greenwich Village. 5 police cars, and lots of onlookers.

Just another day in paradise...

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