Makes No Sense At All

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Walking around with your head in the clouds
Makes no sense at all
Sell yourself short, but you're walking so tall
Makes no sense at all
Is it important? You're yelling so loud
Makes no sense at all
Walking around with your head in the clouds
Makes no sense at all
Makes no difference at all

"Makes No Sense At All", Hüsker Dü (1985)

The headline and lyrics aren't following my train of thought, I was just listening to Hüsker Dü before writing this and thinking how much I like that song.

Last couple of days have been different. I organized a "Dipper's Reunion" on Thursday at OD's. I figured that since Chris is bartending on Thursday nights it would be a fun idea to get some of the old cats and kittens together for a night. It was fun. The picture above is me playing Beer Pong. I won 2 of 3 that night.

Last Friday I went to "Avenue" on 5th and Washington with my friends Tiffany and Bob. Avenue was formerly known as Da Vinci, and the new renovations are nice, if a bit spartan. I'll eat there a few more times before I write something more formal, but was dismayed that our entrees appeared before our appetizers and that it seemed our entrees were simply sent back to the kitchen, reheated in a microwave and served to us when we were finished our appetizers. After an experience like that, it makes it hard for me to want to go back there and try it again. But then again, the restaurant is new, and i'm very forgiving to new restaurants and it's the number one reason why anyone shouldn't review a restaurant until three months have passed. It gives the restaurant a chance to get their "legs" and everything in order.

Saturday was fun, as I wrote a few days ago, especially that I got a great crowd of old Dipper's regulars at the bar. There's really no way to describe to you, the reader, how awesome those years at Dipper's were. From the outsider, it would be like someone trying to tell you how great Greece was on your last trip. They don't get it. You have to understand that it was really like the TV show "Cheers". We weren't a popular bar, but we had a great core of regulars and bartenders that just make working there a blast. Everytime I would walk in that bar, every time, I would see someone I knew sitting at the bar.

Sunday I got to visit Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth. It is an outlet mall. Enormous. Bad idea to pick Sunday as a visit, because it was beyond packed. I knew I was in for a long day when I couldn't find a parking spot and had to wait for someone to leave and take their spot. My plan was simply to stop by the Nike store and pick up some shorts for the gym. That was easy enough, and I found three pairs of shorts for $20 each. I had a AMEX gift card for $50, so I used that and paid $10 for the three shorts. Sweet!

Yes, I have a different appreciation for money when I have a mortage now.

Tried to go to The Gap, but the register had a line 50 deep, and I wasn't interested in waiting 30 minutes to pay for my clothes. So I wandered a bit more, went to Chili's and had lunch. They make very delicious, but slightly too sweet, frozen margaritas. I had one, had lunch and wandered a bit more, checking out the local movie theater to see if any good movies were playing. None were.

At Corporation X they have me on a new shift, 4pm to 12am to work with the "second shift" (the department I work in is 24-7). I get home by 12:30am. Not having any restaurants open at that hour has caused a slight issue, because I do cook a bit, but I usually get food fresh that day to prepare my dinner if I don't get take out. I'm not used to buying meat like chicken or steak and keeping it in the fridge or freezer until I want to eat it. I'm not a big leftover fan. I'm very picky when it comes to eating. If I had a choice between eating something I wasn't "in the mood" for versus not eating, I usually won't eat. I bought a George Foreman Grill, and it should arrive tomorrow from Amazon. I wanted to be able to grill up chicken or beef fast when I got home from work. Nothing fancy, just looking to have chicken & rice or steak & potatoes.

It is funny to walk through Hoboken during the day. I have been at Corporation X for 13 years. Essentially I would be at a desk for the entire day, mostly taking my lunch at my desk. I walk though town and see so many people casually eating lunch at an outdoor cafe and think, "I wonder what kind of job you can have where you can do that..."

It's just so foreign to me. Another friend of mine works in sales. He would call me on the phone, from home, saying how he has to go see one client today, then is going to take a nap, and then maybe go golfing. Huh? WHAT? You can do that?

So now that i'm working the new shift, it's kind of cool to see the world so differently. I go to the gym at 1:30pm and work out for 2 hours and then go to work. Get home at 12:30, make something to eat, catch up on my Tivo recordings and then sleep for about 10 hours.

I wonder what Thursday or Friday will be like since I can essentially go out at midnight, drink for a few hours, sleep in and then go to work. Stay tuned, I guess.

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