Mikie Squared "Spooktacular" This Saturday!

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It's Halloween weekend!102507.jpg

If you are in the neighborhood, and out to have a good time, come to Mikie Squared at 616 Washington St. Last year was a blast, but I will sadly miss working with Francia in her schoolgirl outfit, of course.

I know Mikie's is doing the 1/2 priced drinks to those in costume, along with shot specials, prizes and they will have a DJ, with NO COVER AT THE DOOR. I expect it will be another busy night, so if you want to get in, i'd get to the bar early.

I do remember my first Halloween, I was Casper The Friendly Ghost. I remember being very excited about that costume, too. I also remember that the day of Halloween was really warm. Not sure why I remember that.

I also remember growing up all the warnings about getting apples with razor blades in them. It seemed like every year there was that stern warning about the infamous razor blades...in apples. Funny how times change, no one really even thinks to warn kids about that now because who gives out apples anymore?

I don't remember even getting any apples as a kid. I do remember our local neighborhood dentist would not give candy but gave out toothbrushes to all the kids. Toothbrushes.

Yes, on mischief night we would always target his house first. He had a white house, with aluminum siding and lots of egg stains.

I have noticed that at my old apartment on 6th and Garden that i'd rarely get kids stopping by. I really love Halloween, too. I will miss carving out pumpkins with the roommates.

What's your favorite candy?

That would be hard to pin just one down for me. I am an Aquarius, after all.

I think my #1 favorite would be M&Ms, chocolate or peanut. I just love that crunchy shell, and I like them cool, like they have been in a refrigerator all day.

100,000 bars are always welcome. I used to eat Sprees everyday at highschool. I would buy them at lunch, and have them hidden in my pockets to eat the rest of the day. Ooh, and chocolate covered pretzels are fantastic. If you have a chance go to Lepore's.

I'll see you this weekend!

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As you know, I'm having a party ... but we're definitely coming up after the liquor runs out / we're bored. So I'll see you tomorrow night with all my hot & scantily-clad girlfriends!

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