Sometimes the stories are true...

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I was at the bar on Saturday, it was early and not many customers were there.

In walks a cute blonde haired girl, sits down alone at the bar.

She orders a Absolut Mandarin, with selzer and a splash of cranberry. She asks for it while talking on her cell phone.

I get her drink, and talk to some other customers, while I hear her chatting on her cell. Remember: Bartenders can hear just about everything you say.

"Nah, I don't want to see him, but what can you do?", she is muttering on her phone.

She talks some more and hangs up, sipping her drink. My customers step outside to eat at an outdoor table, since there are only a few more good weeks left that they can do this.

I roll over to the cute blonde and say, "So, where's the boyfriend?"

She's cute. The type of cute that says she has a boyfriend or the kind of cute that doesn't stay single for very long.

She looks up from texting on her cell phone, smiles and says, "How'd you know I had a boyfriend?"

"Intuition, I guess. 100207.jpgBeen bartending long enough to know a few things.", I replied.

"Well he just got in from Florida today and wants to have dinner...", she says sullenly.

"Sooo...what's wrong with that?", I ask.

"He wants to TALK, ya know? Sit at dinner and talk for a few hours. What do I want to talk about? I want to go out, see my friends and have some fun!", she says.

My brain immediately jumps to the book, "He's just not that into you..."

"Ok, let me get this straight. Your boyfriend has been out of town, just got back in, wants to see you for dinner, and you aren't excited about seeing him? Come on. You can't be that interested in him! What gives? Why you dating this chump?"

She grins and rubs her thumb to her index and middle finger, and says with a shrug, "He's got money."

As guys that is something that we all grouse about women. That women just want to date rich guys and certainly PLENTY of women I know do not, I repeat, DO NOT care about money.

But you do know that just as many women who protest that they don't want to date rich guys there are a whole segment of other women out there who aren't going to complain if they have a boyfriend who makes bank.

Much like men aren't going to complain if they find a woman with a great personality, wonderful job AND STUNNING GOOD LOOKS.

When she told me this, she saw me roll my eyes and replied, "I know. I know. I'm goin' to hell."

I said, "You better be careful with that, honey. Karma is a boomerang. Just dating some guy because he has cash and you don't really like him, it will bite you in the ass someday. You'll meet a great guy and get played right back."

She says, "Oh, I hear ya, but i'm twenty-two, ya know? I want to have FUN. Not get serious!"

I ask how old her boyfriend is, fully expecting he's going to be 38.

"He's twenty-five.", she says.

"How much money we talking here? He's only twenty five, can't be making that much...", I ask.

"He gives me everything I ask for.", she says.

"So how long will you keep dating him?", I ask.

She shrugs again. "I want to go on a caribbean vacation in a few months, so I will have him pick that up. Also don't want to miss out on his presents for me during the holidays, either. So maybe in March, when the weather gets nice."

Sad to think that there's some guy out there dating this piece of trash and doesn't even know he is getting played.

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