Time To Take The Blue Shaded Sunglasses Off, Giant Fans...

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Over the last three days I have heard from various Giant fans about how happy they were on Sunday that they dominated the Eagles.

I have heard from various fans. Some are more rational about how they won, some are completely irrational. The rational fans I talk to agree about certain key reasons why they won, noting that the Giants anemic offense was just enough to win. The irrational fans see the game in a different light, as if they won 36-3, not 16-3. I note that the Eagles had something like double digit penalties that game, along with the 12 sacks. I think if anything I take away is that the Eagles weren't prepared and that falls on the shoulders of Andy Reid.

Here's a few thoughts I had about Sunday...

  • We didn't have Brian Westbrook, which allows your defense to be more aggressive and he is our #1 pass blocker. Did you see Reno Mahe get run over by your defense in blitzes? Reno is a guy who we picked up as a free agent for special teams, and simply was out matched.
  • Add to that Winston Justice was replacing our pro-bowl OT William Thomas (formerly Tre Thomas). I'm not taking away from what Osi did, but you have to consider that Justice was also not ready for this. I blame Andy Reid for not adjusting for the mauling going on there, but it wasn't just Osi who was sacking McNabb.
  • Two key pro-bowlers missing on our offense helped the Giants defense play very well and aggressive. Again, not to take away from the Giants defense, but I think it would have been a completely different offense if we had our players in there and healthy.
  • What was Eli's numbers? 14 for 26, 135 yards 1 TD, 1 int. Ward rushed for 80 yards on 19 attempts.
  • Pro-bowl Dawkins out, Pro-Bowl Lito Sheppard out, we have 2 of 4 starters in the secondary out. We still limited the Giants to 16 points, and we couldn't have been as aggressive as we wanted to be with those two starters out. William James had a key pass interference penalty on the 3 yard line that killed us.
  • Giants offense did just enough to win the game, especially the special teams work by Feagles to pin us twice on the 5 yard line. We had two Pro-Bowl starters out on defense, and that was a key issue for the Eagles. Eli did his old "just enough to win" passing and i'm still not impressed with him. He should have picked us apart, and he didn't.

To the Giant fans, hey, congrats. You won a good game, and deserved to win. But I think this would have been a completely different game if we didn't have 5 of our Pro Bowl players benched due to injuries. Next game at the Linc, I think if we have all our players back and you have your players, it will be a different story.

As one person wrote this week, "It was a tough game, I felt like I was a Giants fan."


It's probably tough to be objective about this, given my loyalty to the Eagles, but it seems to me that there are more obnoxious Giants fans running around this area (percentage wise, not straight numbers) than Eagles fans. But like I said, I might be biased.

I will say this: It must suck to have to hope that your opponent will be injured or really screw up for there to be any chance your team will win. And that's why I'm glad I'm NOT a Giants fan.

I used to be a Giant fan. Now I'm a small air conditioner.

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