You Have To Spend Money To Save Money...?

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With my new hours at Corporation X, everything is closed at midnight. I can't food shop, and most of the places to eat are fast-food junk. With my gym routine, I prefer to eat healthier, and I wrote the other day about being a picky eater (interestingly enough, I read an article later that day about eating habits in The New York Times).

So my issue is that I want to eat healthier foods when I can. I want fresh food. I don't want to shop each afternoon for whatever i'm in the mood for, and I had to figure out the best method to solving my issue with the technology out there today.

I started to do some research about spoilage. I read up about freezing and defrosting meat and how it affects taste. My original plan was to buy meat fresh, divide it into individual portions, freeze them seperately in ziploc, then getting home from work and defrosting it in the microwave and then using the George Foreman grill.

As I was doing my research I read about freezer burn, which is caused when air comes into contact with meat and it isn't dangerous, but i'm kind of particular about things like that. Remember my Italy story??

My next purchase was "FoodSaver Advanced Design V2860". The first reason is that I wanted to avoid freezer burn and keep my chicken or beef as fresh as I could.101607a.JPG Then I also remembered a conversation I had with the owner of Court Street, and how he told me one of his restaurant secrets: he vacuum sealed all of his food when it was delivered and froze individual portions for each dish. Had been doing it for at least ten years, which allowed him to keep an expansive menu, deliver fresh tasting food and keep his expenses down.

Plus this allows me to make the larger meals (like ones from a cookbook, that in the past i'd just give the leftovers to my roommates) and save them with the FoodSaver. I usually dread leftovers, but everything I read about the FoodSaver has been positive, and perfect for my situation.

I'll write it up and let you know how it goes. Do any of you own a FoodSaver? Any tips?

I bought two new videogames. One is Half Life 2: The Orange Box. The Team Fortress looks incredible, and fun. The next game is a an expansion pack of my favorite game Sid Meyer's Civilization 4, Called "Civilization 4: Beyond The Sword".

Eagles won on Sunday. Ugly win. It's going to be a long season unless something miraculous happens.

I drank quite a bit on Sunday, and with my new work hours at "Corporation X", I thought it wouldn't be a problem to just have a fun day of drinking, football, and then sleep it off. Boy, was I wrong.

One of the things that sucks about getting older is that i'm probably in the best physical condition of my life, but my body is still 35 years old. I simply can't drink like I did 10 years ago, my recovery and "bounce back" isn't the same. I was hurting Monday, and going into work was terrible. I was hungover - tired, cranky and nauseous the entire evening, but with each passing hour I felt a bit better. I missed the gym on Monday and Tuesday. Very annoying. I might have to switch to beers on Sundays and a "no shot" rule.

"Might" being the key word, ya know...

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