Story Of My Life...Running Late

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If there would be a running theme in my life, it would probably be my constant issues with time management.

I'm always running late. It is for various reasons. Like for work, i'm always trying to squeeze out as much sleep as I can get, and always pay for it by walking in the office late. I have a strong hatred of "wasting time", and even find myself dreading the idea on my walk home after work to walk an extra two blocks out of my way to get dinner. I'm always trying to optimize everything I do, with mixed results.

Sometimes, it works out great. I figured out how to bypass the Holland Tunnel on holidays, and get home much earlier than all the saps who wait it out at on the NJ Turnpike.

Other times, I want to strangle myself...if that were possible.

I get home Friday from my 4pm-12am shift, the last day of that shift and settle in with a cold beer and some "Must See Tivo". Grey's Anatomy is on, and sadly thanks to the Glossinator (my old roomie), i'm a fan. I putter around a bit more, made something to eat, and then played around on the computer for a bit. Fell asleep around 6am, and figured i'd sleep until 2pm, and have plenty of time to get to the 3:30pm wedding in Scotch Plains.

I sleep. And sleep. And sleep.

Waking up on my own, even before the alarm, I check the clock and i'm all set, thinking how it is 2pm, and I have lots of time. I get out my suit, look around the house for some Crane's paper to hand write a wedding card for the bride and groom, and take my time. After a bit, I get in the shower and thinking about what I need to do before going to the wedding.

Then it hits me.

I get out of the shower at a near run, and don't even grab the towel, with water splattering all over my tile floor. I look at the clock again.

It's 3:10pm.

What? Who? Where? Why?

Oh, I set my alarm clock for 2pm, thank you very much. Just forgot to activate it. I slept until 3pm, and when I woke up, my addled mind didn't comprehend that I overslept. I saw the clock and even though it clearly said "3pm", it took me a full 10 minutes, while in the shower, to realize what was going on.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Scotch Plains was a good 30 minute drive from Hoboken. I wasn't even ready. I was fully expecting to be calm and ready to dress, drive and do whatever I needed.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I shower fast. Get dressed fast. Get in the car fast. It's already 3:30pm and i'm still in Hoboken. I get on 78 and drive as fast as my car can get me there.

Segue: I'm a big car fan because like a goldfish I like bright, shiny things. Has anyone seen the new Mercedes C350 sport? I'm normally a BMW fan, but WOW. Really sharp looking car, there. I can't really justify paying $600 extra a month for a car I use twice a month, but I certainly would give it a strong look if I were a car shopper.

Ok, back to the story.

I make the drive in about 25 minutes, get to the ceremony, and walk in just at the moment that the bride and groom are exiting the wedding chapel with Wedding March (A Midsummer Night's Dream) by Mendelssohn playing.

Story of my life, people. Story of my life.

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I grew up in Scotch Plains and head there once every few weeks to visit my parents - do you go there often? In the dead of night, I find 22 to be pretty fast, I can make it from up at 9th street to Scotch Plains (about 22 miles) in 25 minutes flat, 6-7 of which is just getting out of Hoboken. And heading back I like 22 to the Pulaski - it's pretty fast, and free. And if the Pulaski is backed up, you can switch to 1&9 Truck.

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