"The Rock" - The New Prudential Arena in Newark, NJ

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The Kiss of Death wins again, as I got to watch the Flyers vs Devils on Thursday night.

My friend Kathy scored free hockey tickets (Thanks Matt O!) to the new Prudential Center in Newark, aka "The Rock".

We took the NJ Transit 6:19 pm NJCLL train, which cost $2.50 one way & was about a 20 minute ride from Hoboken to Newark Penn Station. It's an easy 4 block walk from Penn Station to The Rock.

Getting home, the only NJ Transit trains running to Hoboken first stop at Secaucus Junction. So we took the PATH home, which is a bit more complicated. It's located on Track 1 at Penn Station. You can take a train from Penn Station to Journal Square. Switch at Journal Square taking a 33rd bound train and getting off at Pavonia/Newport, then switching to a train at Pavonia/Newport to Hoboken.

Service between Journal Square and Hoboken starts at 11:26pm, but most of the hockey games will be done by 10pm, which is why it's more complicated getting home. Timetables are located here.

You also could take the PATH from Newark to Exchange Place, get off there and then board a Hoboken bound train from WTC back to town. Again, check the timetables to coordinate.

A few thoughts about The Rock:

1. Everyone was extremely nice. The staduim employees, the NJ Transit people, the officers of Newark. "Please, Thank You, and You're Welcome" were heard all night, along with "Sit down, asshole, the Flyers suck!" when we first scored.

2. 1 Captain & Coke and 1 Yuengling? $17. Um....yea.

3. The tickets were superb, in section 24, which is a special area called The Goal Bar. There's a large bar, seating area, and three rows of seats, to watch the action. The stadium itself is large, open and clean. Very easy to get to the stadium for a Hobokenite.

4. Devils fans really hate the Rangers. I heard five chants of "Rangers suck" during the Flyers/Devils game.

5. They have free wi-fi access. I was able to use my iTouch to read the PATH website and check when the latest train was leaving Newark station.

6. Someone can make a fortune in Hoboken with this idea:

There are 42 home Devil games. Figure out a way to arrange a "Hoboken Transport" service for the game. Get a small bus, sell seats at $7 per trip ($14 total). Leave Hoboken at 6:20. Drop off your passengers. Arrange departure for 20 minutes after the end of the game. Anyone who is late or hangs around Newark after the game takes the PATH home (it's not like you are stranding anyone). A small bus seats about 20 people...$280 for the night...maybe $40 for gas? $240 profit per game. 42 home games, $10,000 (assuming you fill the bus each time both ways) - maybe more if you get a bigger Devils following and advertise properly.

Did I mention how nice and helpful everyone was? It really should be mentioned twice. I know the stadium just opened, but everyone there are beyond nice. The employees at the ground floor elevators asked if we knew where we were going (we didn't), and one of them walked with us the entire way to show us our seating area. I didn't know where the Will Call window was, and a very polite police officer pointed it out, with a kind, "It's over there, sir."

They talk about the revitilization of Newark, well if this is any indiciation of the direction of the city, they are doing an outstanding job putting on a professional, safe atmosphere. At no time did I ever feel threatened or worried walking to and from the station. Plenty of employees in yellow jackets, and I saw mounted police (who were very nice also, when I took their picture), and plenty of other patrolling police outside the stadium.

Some pictures from the game:



Glad you guys enjoyed it.

A Hoboken bus is a great idea, but I don't know if you'd get enough Devil fans to constantly fill it.

Truth is, it's a great arena, and very convenient, but the Devils do an absolutely HORRIBLE job of marketing the team.

Half the people in the state barely realize that this brand new arena even exists. Totally unacceptable for a multi-million dollar organization.

I agree, though, that the staff is amazingly friendly. Last night was the first game I've missed. When I showed up on Monday (my fourth game) the usher at my section actually recognized me and said, "Nice to have you back. Have fun tonight." It isn't really a big deal to have people with that kind of attitude, but it's very noticable -- I hope they keep it up.

It is a great arena. And the people being nice -- WOW, how refreshing, after all we live in the Northeast and we all know how rude it can be. The kindness did stand out and I hope it remains. Barry Melrose should be fired for his comments about the safety of going to The Rock. It was very safe!!!! I hope everyone gets a chance to get out and see this state of the art arena, whether for a Devils game, Seton Hall game or a concert. It took me a little less time to get home to Paulus Hook, I was in my place by 10:05pm (we left at 9:35). I hope the restaurants in the area start to see the benefits of the is arena as well ( I hear there are some really good ones right across the street).

Kathy---- LOL KATHLEEN!!!!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention, that Matt told me that at 5:30pm before each Devils game that they release 300 tickets for the game at the cost of $10 BARGAIN!!!! If you are looking for a more inexpensive ticket for the game. I think that is a wonderful idea. And one other note, the Family Bathrooms - should be in every stadium, if a father takes his daughter to see a game, they now have a bathroom dedicated for just that, he won't have to drag his daughter to the mens room or try to trust someone to take her to the womans room. It works for moms and sons as well.

Thanks again Matt!!!!

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