Eagles Christmas Wish List For 2008

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If you asked me in August how I thought the Eagles would do this year, I was thinking 11-5. The NFC was weak, and our team was stacked with good players, and our only question mark was WR.

Turns out that question mark should have been a huge exclamation point.

Bottom line is that I may be an Eagles fan, but I don't think I view the team as a homer. The Eagles have issues, and in no particular order, here is my "Christmas Wish List for 2008":

1. Need a playmaker WR. Owens & Stallworth proved that we need someone explosive at WR. The old adage that the West Coast Offense is fine with average WRs, is bullshit. The Eagles playbook is based on big plays, especially early in the game. Either through free agency or the draft this has got to be a priority.

2. LJ Smith had his shot, and Brent Celek is the future. Not really a wish, except i'm hoping i'm right about what I see from Celek.

3. I'd like to see Donovan get another year at QB. Far too many Donovan haters in the world will be eating their words when we run another star out of Philadelphia and he does better on another team. Too many angry "armchair coaches" Eagles fans are our own worst enemy.

4. In the draft, here's my first three picks if I'm the Eagles (in no particular order, but based on quality):

4a: WR: We took a shot on Freddie "Fred-Ex" Mitchell, and lost big time. We have to take another shot, even if it means trading up.

4b: TE: LJ Smith is a bust. Look around the league and see how many great TEs make a team much better (Jason Whitten, Antonio Gates, Dallas Clark). We simply don't have that, so if our WRs are average, and we don't have a go-to TE - then who gets the ball? Westbrook.

4c: S/CB: Dawk still had a good year, but we have to start grooming a sucessor. If anyone thinks Sean Constandine is the future they are on crack. I like Lito and think Sheldon is ok. Otherwise, who is in our secondary that is scaring anyone? Who do we have in nickel and dime packages? A bunch of scrubs. We severely need help in our secondary.

Aside from those three, we certainly need more depth on our offensive line and defensive lines, but I feel that those can wait for later round picks.

5. Don't fire Andy Reid. Philadelphia needs a coach like Andy. He's a coach that doesn't say much and takes his lumps. We can't use a firebrand coach that stirs the media and the fans. He is the perfect coach for Philly, and I think with the right tools the offense clicks. I'd give Andy two more years to turn things around before thinking about firing him.

6. Get McNabb into a time-management class. It goes like this when you have to go 90 yards and have no timeouts: Pass for 15 yards in the middle, run up and spike the ball. Pass for another 20 yards, run up and spike the ball. Screen pass to Westbrook for 12 yards, run up and spike the ball. Get the idea, Donny? Don't run up, look around, call an audible, wait some more, run a play and then blow 25 seconds off the clock doing this. You have 4 downs to get 10 yards, just spike the ball every time you get a first down.

7. My last wish for Christmas is simply that Dallas doesn't even make it to the Super Bowl. I'll take any team, even the lowly Giants, to go into the Super Bowl over Dallas. If Dallas makes it to the Super Bowl, I will switch conferences and root for any AFC team to win - including the Pats, who I think are slime.


whoa, you're being a little harsh there on the secondary...
The defense has been one of the few bright spots this year... With the exception of the loss to dallas earlier in the season when they scored 38 points, the defense has played pretty damn well..
It's our offense that is woeful this year...
If we actually could score in the redzone, we'd be a contender this year...
I definitely agree that we need a big play receiver- without a doubt...

I have to admit, our defense has been one of the hightlights of the season!! I KNOW WESTBROOK is our only offense player that shines!! Kevin Curtis is coming into his own but as far as the "O" goes it is all westbrook!!! Our secondary is okay, sadly to say as much as I love B Dawk, I think he is gonna be traded :( he was hurt and has been a bit slow on his come back!!! Long live B DAWK-- he will retire as an Eagle!!! But we still have not been bad, hell that game on sunday we stopped the saints in the redzone as I have watch similar times this season with our defense!! Merry Christmas buddy, see you next sunday for the last game of our season!!!

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