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Over the last year I have started to experiment with single malt Scotches. It started last year when at Mikie Squared they got a bottle of Macallan 12 year old. The owner handed me a glass, asking what I thought. It was smooth, a bit smokey and I liked it more after I cut it with a few ice cubes.

Later, Mike got a bottle of Johnny Walker: Blue for the bar. Very different than what i'm used to from other blended scotches, and very enjoyable. Don't know how often i'd be ordering that at $25 a glass. We got an Oban, a Lagavulin and The Glenlivet which I had a chance to sample. Sometimes more than once.

Eventually, to make sure Mikie's didn't go bankrupt, I wanted to buy my own bottle, but wasn't sure which to buy. Single malt or blended scotches can be expensive, especially the better ones, and I saw prices from $39 for The Macallan to $140 for Johnny Walker Blue at the local liquor stores. 121207a.jpgI knew a little bit about some of the bigger name whiskys (Glenlivet, Glenmorangie) but also knew that whisky can vary greatly - much like wine. I didn't want to get stuck buying an expensive bottle of whisky and not like it, and I didn't want to buy a inferior quality scotch because I wanted to save money. I decided to buy Johnny Walker Green, figuring that a blend of single malts would be the way to go. It cost me about $80 from a local liquor store.

I first tried a glass neat. I tried one with a splash of water. Then another glass with ice. I enjoyed the Johnny Walker Green, but it wasn't that great, and for $80 a bottle, I was expecting more. I drank a glass from time to time over the last year, and also bought a no-name Scotch whisky for about $35, which was so-so. Last Thanksgiving, my brother-in-law brought over a 12 year old Glenmorangie (Sherry Cask) for Thanksgiving and we popped it open after gorging ourselves on turkey. I really liked it a lot, with a bit of ice, and when I got home I went to a local liquor store and purchased one for myself. It cost $57.99, and finished it in about 10 days. I bought a second bottle, and while at the store, looked at the various other scotches.

Like wine, I love to try new brands, and most of my wine I buy is from $10-30 a bottle. So even if I were to buy a $30 bottle of wine that I didn't like, it wasn't a big deal. Buying scotch, on the other hand, can be an expensive endeavor and the better single malts I saw on the shelf at the store cost from $50-150.

Then I thought about how I always scour the internet for the lowest price on electronics, why couldn't I just do the same for scotch?

So I did a bit of searching and was frankly amazed. I used the following websites:

I refrained from saying which liquor store in Hoboken I compared prices, but i'm sure you can easily figure out who i'm talking about. You should also be aware that there are a few disadvantages buying liquor online:

1. There are shipping charges. Whatever money you save can easily be lost if shipping is expensive.
2. You have to have someone sign for delivery. They won't leave it on your doorstep or send to a P.O. Box.
3. There's a convience that a brick and mortar store has over using a website. Also lots of better stores have knowledgable employees that can steer you in the right direction if you aren't sure which to choose. Using a website is better for someone who knows what they want, and doesn't need it right away.

Also note that i'm writing this as of December 12th 2007. So, the prices & availibility are subject to change.

I researched the following scotches, along with their age, and their region:

After the jump, I list the results of what I found from each website.




Hoboken Liquor Store


Lowest Price


 $   55.99

 $          38.99

 $    49.99

 $  49.99

 $       38.99


 $   39.99

 $          39.99



 $       39.99


 $   42.99

 $          37.99

 $    47.99

 $  47.99

 $       37.99


 $   39.99

 $          45.99

 $    44.99

 $  44.99

 $       39.99


 $   47.99

 $          46.99



 $       46.99


 $   49.99

 $          34.99

 $    45.99

 $  39.99

 $       34.99


 $   54.99

 $          49.99

 $    49.99

 $  44.99

 $       44.99


 $   59.99

 $          59.99

 $    87.99


 $       59.99


 $   45.99

 $          32.99

 $    45.99


 $       32.99

Highland Park

 $   42.99

 $          39.99

 $    46.99

 $  37.97

 $       37.97


 $   84.99

 $          79.99

 $    89.99

 $  56.99

 $       56.99


 $   71.99

 $          99.99

 $    76.99


 $       71.99

The Macallan

 $  149.99

 $        129.99

 $   144.99


 $     129.99


 $   57.99

 $          47.99

 $    86.99

 $  47.99

 $       47.99


 $   59.99

 $          49.99

 $    52.99

 $  39.97

 $       39.97

Glenmorangie "Sherry Wood"

 $   54.99

 $          43.99

 $    57.99

 $  58.99

 $       43.99


 $   29.99



 $  34.99

 $       29.99


As you can see from the graph, the ones highlighted in red are the lowest price. It makes a significant difference, and not every website has a better price than our local stores. For example I know that 14 year old Oban has gotten extremely popular, and the local stores sell it for $86.99. Saving $39 is an extreme difference by shopping on I'm sure other scotch drinkers realized this too, which is why it is currently out of stock. On Samswine, Oban is available for $29 less than what it costs locally. Even with shipping you will save money.

I hope this helps you if you are looking to buy a nice present this holiday season for someone in your life who enjoys scotch.


I don't know if you want any suggestions, but Highland Park and Talisker are great every day drinks and the price will not kill you. The 18r old Macallan makes a nice gift to yourself every once in a while. I also was not a fan of the Johnny Walker Green. A exec for Johnny Walker used to come into my place alot and he brought me a bottle of Gold. Believe it or not, he told me to keep it in my freezer and drink it that way. Something about the cold scotch being warmed up when it hits your mouth, whatever, it was great that way.
Like I said, do not know if you wanted suggestions, but I do enjoy scotch.

I've been drinking a 10 year old Balvenie Double Wood that is at a good price (below $60) and has a great flavor. I too have taken a liking to the scotches, but I don't mess with blended scotches at all anymore... Johnny Walker Blue is barely good enough to do shots of. :)

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