Fire At McSwiggan's

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I got this email from a friend...

We are having a fundraiser at O'Donoghues this Friday 1/11/2008. It will be $20 at the door and we will have $1 beers from 7-11pm. All of the proceeds at the door will go to those who were affected by the fire at McSwiggens. There will also be a bucket if anyone would like to make an additional donation.

Please pass this along to anyone that you think would like to lend a helping hand. BRING YOUR FRIENDS !

Thanks, hope to see everyone there !

Head Bartender O'Donoghues


I'm sure you read the news already on Hoboken411 or RealHoboken about the fire.

In case you missed this, Perry let us know where to drop off any clothing donations:

"Spoke with Aiden Boyle, the owner of the bar and building and told him about the donations we're collecting here. He told me he was heavily insured, and doesn't need the help. Also, he believes most residents had insurance, but he's not 100%. In the meanwhile, any donations, clothing, supplies or anything else you can think of, can be dropped off at the Dubliner."

Before going to bed on Monday morning, I knew about the fire, because I read 411's quick update when the fire started. I was going to grab my Canon SLR and go out and take a few shots, but stopped myself because it was so late and I had to work the next morning. In retrospect, after seeing some of the pictures, I realized that next time i'll lose some sleep, looked like a good chance to get some interesting shots.

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