Governor Corzine: Fix Hoboken Congestion!

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There's lots of things we can fix about Hoboken, and I just read this news story about how Governor Corzine will widen parts of a 7.6 mile segment of Route 17:

"New Jersey will widen parts of a 7.6-mile segment of Route 17 in Bergen County, a $305.3 million project to improve traffic flow on what Governor Jon Corzine's administration called the state's most congested roadway.

The state will add one or two lanes to 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) of the road, creating a consistent six lanes from Williams Avenue in Hasbrouck Heights to south of Route 4 in Paramus. Initial studies for the project may begin as soon as 2009, Corzine said in a statement today.

The Route 17 congestion highlights the need for the state to have a stable and dedicated funding source for transportation work, Corzine said. The first-term Democrat last week presented lawmakers with a plan to cut the state's $30 billion debt in half and fund road projects for the next 75 years.

``Restructuring our state's finances will enable us to reduce congestion on Route 17 and fund long-overdue congestion relief projects throughout New Jersey,'' Corzine, 61, said in the statement."

If you ask me, long overdue is fixing the entrance to Hoboken. My suggestion is simple, that the state pay to change the NJ Turnpike when it comes into the Holland Tunnel. In my first map, it details how currently the traffic connects to the Holland Tunnel:


As you can see, all the traffic from the NJ Turnpike flows into 14th street, to the first traffic light. This includes Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City traffic with the NY bound traffic. During holidays and the summer season, this traffic can back up to extreme levels. Some of my smarter readers already know about Hoboken's Secret Entrance if they read my blog.

In my new map, this is how I would change the traffic pattern:


The red line represents an offramp from the NJ Turnpike, which would cross over the incoming traffic from the tunnel & 14th street. It would connect to Hoboken Avenue, where the green circle represents a traffic light. Also, this would be off-ramp only. The way to get on to the NJ Turnpike would remain the same.

Hoboken Avenue and Newark Avenue would be connected, and I suspect that at one time (I mean look at the satellite map), that they were once one road (Hoboken & Newark make an almost straight line to each other).

Also i'd connect Hoboken Avenue to New York Ave/Observer Highway, to alleviate congestion at 18th street and the new Hoboken/Newark Connection.

If Governor Corsine really means to fund long overdue congestion, I think this is one of many good places to start.


While I agree that something could probably be done, you have your red arrow pointing to the ON ramp for the turnpike...
The exit traffic is south of that, so it makes it much harder to building anything, since it would have to go over or under the existing structure...

The ON ramp is at a different level than the OFF ramp, the OFF ramp would cross over the ON ramp, and gently slope down. Traffic wouldn't be affected because of the height differences of the ON ramp and OFF ramps.

haha, I see you've adjusted your red line...
However, the problem here is that there is a minimum height distance that a roadway must be above the existing one... So I'm not sure this would work.. It's sort of like the same circumstances that the Pulaski Skyway was originally built - it had to be like 50 feet above the turnpike, which at the time was an engineering marvel the way they did it...

I'm sure the engineers can figure out a solution.

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