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There are decisions that we make in our lives which impact our quality of life us in various ways. Some small decisions, like the soap you buy, or the clothes you wear or the food you eat. Some greater decisions, like the car you drive, the home you own or the mattress you sleep on.


If one third of our day is spent dedicated to sleeping, or in the case of the Hobokenite who may spend one fourth of their day sleeping, how you sleep becomes very important. The quality of the bed you choose can impact the restfulness of your sleep and, ahem, other activities.

My first year living in NYC, I was in Brooklyn Heights in 1994. When I moved in I had a single bed, which worked out nicely in my two bedroom apartment that I shared with Brad, near Atlantic Avenue. I didn't think much of it, it did the job and I was fresh out of college. When I moved to Hoboken in spring of 1995, and brought my bed, my brother and I were talking on the phone about it. His one comment about my single bed was "Dude, you got to step up to the major leagues."

The next day I was at Sleepy's and shopping for a new bed. I figured I would get a double bed, and maybe the extra long model, since with my old single bed, stretching out my feet would hang over the bed. While at the store the salesperson tells me that a double-long is good, but for a little bit more, a Queen size is wider and just as long.

Back then, I didn't do much research aside from just trying a few beds and picking a $600 Queen size from a manufacturer I never heard of. It was suprisingly comfortable, and my past girlfriends have said they thought it was comfortable, too. It served me well for many years.

When I moved to my new condo, I noticed that my poor dependable bed has started to sag in the middle . So, in my typical fashion, I started to research buying a new bed.

I looked at various models. I read a lot of literature on soft vs firm vs orthopedic mattresses. Craftmatic adjustable beds. Tempur-Pedic mattress foam. I asked my family and friends what they slept on.

Then I heard an interesting story. My sister told me that for years they would stay at The Four Seasons and loved their beds. Loved it so much that they asked the Ritz-Carlton group, which manages the Four Seasons, to divulge who manufacturers their beds.

It turns out that it wasn't a large manufacturer like Sealy or Simmons, but a small 100 employee company in Nebraska called "Omaha Bedding Company". She got the phone number, called and spoke to them about buying the same bed that they provided for The Four Seasons. The model number was T446.

My sister and her husband were thrilled to get it, and enjoyed it so much that they bought one for both their kids and for the guest bedroom. They even approached my parents years ago, asking if they could split the costs of buying one at my parents house, so when they visited, they would have a T446 to sleep on.

I got to try the bed when I visited my mother over the holidays. It was very comfortable, with a firm feel, but a pillowtop softness. When I laid down to sleep, I was out like a light. With my bed nearing the end of it's life and hearing so many good things about the T446, I called Omaha Bedding and asks for the particulars.

First, the bed isn't cheap. It cost $1,350, which includes the white glove shipping & set up to Hoboken, NJ. I'm sure the price can vary depending on where you live. I also bought the frame which was $50 and didn't want to deal with removing the mattress, which costs $75. Total cost was $1,475. I was a bit put off by paying that much money, because with the new condo I was trying to keep costs down to pay off a few nagging debts that weren't serious, but I don't like things like that hanging over my head.

I told my sister about it and she emailed me back, "Think of it this way - it is at a minimum a 10 year investment you are making - prorated out of over 10 years it is $150 a year to sleep in a bed that will AMAZE you in its comfort level....Your call though :)"

Good point, don't you think?

Then my recent back injury happened and my need for a quality bed went from moderate to important. My current bed is 13 years old, served me well, and I need to pull the trigger again on an important investment. I don't want to skimp and save money, taking a chance that i'd buy a bed that doesn't provide good support and comfort.

Interested in an Omaha T446 yourself? Hey, i'm all about the details, too:

Omaha Bedding
PO Box 27396
Omaha, NE 68127-0396
Phone 402-733-8600

The Omaha Bedding Company beds aren't found in a local showroom, like a Sleepy's. They are a small company, and they highly discourage anyone from buying the bed who haven't actually slept on one. If you are reading what I wrote and thinking, "Well if Sean likes it, so will I..." - that isn't a good idea. Go to a Four Seasons Hotel that has that bed (all of them should have it, but you never know). Try it before you buy it is the mantra here.

Customers have to purchase this the old fashioned way. They don't use email or - a customer will write a letter detailing what exactly they want to buy. The customer has include a personal check with the letter, Omaha Bedding Co doesn't accept credit cards. It takes about two weeks to process the order and another 7-10 days for delivery.

I'm sure this isn't for everyone, but as I get older I find that i'd rather invest in good quality items, to provide the best sleep I can afford. I will tell you how everything goes in a future update.


So I was just reading about your experience with the Omaha Bedding company beds. Which I'm glad to hear, because my wife and I just bought a King Size Mattress and Box Spring from their Berkshire Collection. This one is called "The Rose". Which of course won't be delivered until next Wednesday, so the air mattress is what I have until then.
Now what I wanted to let you know is that they do sell their mattresses at The Nebraska Furniture Mart, which is where we bought ours. Their website is . They have a few of them listed on there, and they do have a bigger selection at their show rooms. Granted the show rooms are either in Omaha, NE , Des Moines, IA , or Kansas City, KS. Just thought I would let you know.


I'm considering buying a mattress from OBC, as i slept on one at a hotel in San Francisco and loved it! What i really need is a mattress with no motion transfer...I'm trying to remember if it had any, and a little scared to buy one if i can't return it. Could you tell me if it has any motion transfer? Thanks for any help...I live in Denver and it's a rather long trip to Omaha to try it out..;)

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