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I'm sure you have read the news on Hoboken411 or Hoboken Now . They have stories about a tragic fire, a young man dying, another one of the masses in Hoboken perishing.

Well Seth (pictured, center)was a member of the club I founded013108.jpg, The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken, and although I didn't know him personally, I recognized him when the photo was relased from CBS news. I had a photo of him on 10/12/05 when the Eagles played Dallas, and when the Eagles Club used to organize at Dipper's Bar (new bar is Mikie Squared, and we meet at Mulligan's Bar now).

Very sad and tragic, I feel for his family members, I know how hard it must feel to lose someone so close to you.

Rest In Peace, Seth.

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I remember him. I didn't from the pic on 411 but I remember this pic and talking to him a few times- it is coming back to me cause we are both from south jersey and talked about that. It is so said, he was so young.

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