Eagles 1988 Rap Video. Be Afraid. Be very afraid.

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This is one of those kind of videos that make me cringe to watch it. The team wearing Michael Jackson-esque "Thriller" leather outfit or Cosby-sweaters. Randall is the only one who looks semi-normal in his Miami Vice Don Johnson suit. I never knew our team made a crappy rap song, but it was for charity and I guess that's a good thing. I felt bad watching Luis Zendejas (the kicker of the Philadelphia Eagles in 1988) try to rap.

If you all remember, this rap was before The Fog Bowl, which was easily my first memory growing up of watching a terrible loss by our sports teams in Philly I remember being 16 at the time, this was a bitter loss just before New Year's Eve.

Thanks to Kathleen for the forward!

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No way in hell I could have not sent that to you!!! It cracked me up!!!

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