Tivo + IPod = Heaven

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As you know, i'm a big fan of Tivo. It is like many Cablevision provided DVRs, but Tivo has a great service that I have been using for about 2 months.

It's called Tivo To Go, and it allows me to transfer any recordings from a Series 2 or Series 3 Tivo to a laptop, computer or handheld device (iPod, Treo, PSP, Zen, etc).

It's pretty easy, I transfer the recordings 021408.JPGfrom my Tivo to my PC using my home network WiFi connection and the software on my PC by Tivo called "Tivo Desktop" software, which I downloaded from Tivo.com. It takes about 2 hours to download a standard 1 hour show, so I leave my PC on overnight with the Tivo Desktop software and iTunes open, and the next day I wake up to my shows downloaded and converted for my iPod.

Taking the PATH train to work, instead of listening to my music, I can watch current shows like Big Brother, American Idol, Lost or Heroes. I can also pick shows or movies that my Tivo "suggests", I watched The Karate Kid the other day ("Sweep the leg, Johnny!" "Yea! Get him a bodybag!") while I was sitting in Starbucks during my lunch break.

When i'm done watching a show, I just delete it off my iPod Touch and my PC to save space. Right now I have about 10 TV shows and 3 (2 hour) movies on my iPod.

Not every movie is available to download. I'm not sure how the restrictions work, but some movies aren't downloadable, and I think it depends upon which studio has agreements in place with Tivo to let people download their movies. I would say about half of the movies out there have restrictions. None of the current TV shows have any restrictions, however.

I'll admit, i'm a TV junkie. Some people just like listening to music on the train, but i'm watching TV and enjoying every minute of it. The picture quality is fantastic, and the sound can be a bit low, especially when trying to listen over the noises of a subway train.

If you own a Tivo and a hand held and aren't using this service, you are missing out.

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