Top 5 Reasons Why {It Sucks/ It's Great} That The {Giants Won/Pats Lost} the Superbowl

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If both teams could lose a Superbowl, that would be my wish. I didn't like either team, for different reasons and someone had to win. I'm 10x happier the Giants won than if the Cowboys would have won. Oh. My. God. That would be much more terrible.

I haven't done a Top 5 list in a while, so today is a special Two For Tuesday (except it's Monday) edition of the Top 5. The headline may be confusing to some, but one list will be why it sucks that the Giants won and another list will be why it's great the Pats lost, to me, an avid Eagles fan and hater of just about every New York/New Jersey sports team.

Also, I wrote this with the Giants bandwagon fans (about half of you) in mind. There are a ton of friends I have who are die hard Giants fans (McNally, Chris, Brendan, etc) who deserve it, and have been fans when the Giants sucked (but even like an Eagles fan would gripe when their team stinks). I'm writing more about the NY fans who are the Yankees fans all year and turn into a Giants fan when they win. So spare me the "But i'm a fan!" emails. Even the die hard Giants fans will know i'm right about some of my bitching.

Top 5 Reasons Why It Sucks That The Giants Won the Superbowl:

1. Having to hear all the bandwagon fans, who only 2 months ago were slamming Eli, chant on Newark street "E-LI MAN-NING". Lets do a quick poll, how many of you bandwagon fucks have an Eli Manning jersey? Yea, I didn't think so.

2. There are many New York fans don't deserve it & some that do. Now when I say this, I mean it this way: You guys won, great, congrats, you got it, but I can guarantee you that a Giant fan won't savor it like an Eagles fan would. Lots of people took Monday off for work, because they are hungover, but in Philly people would have taken today off because we would still be at the bar the next day, drinking and celebrating.

3. I lost $200 bucks on the game, betting $50 per game since the Tampa Bay game. It isn't losing $200, it's just the annoyance that I lost it to a team that, to me, wasn't that Super, just peaked at the right time.

4. Now everytime the Eagles face the Giants in the regular season we will be reminded ad nauseum about the Superbowl for at least the next 3 years by the fans & the media. Ever hear the Cowboys fans harp about their Superbowls from 15 years ago? Yea, it's like that.

5. Having to watch Steve Spagnuolo (yes, he was on the Eagles before you, bandwagon fans) use the basic Jimmy Johnson (the Eagles defensive coordinator) defense (blitz, blitz and oh yea, blitz) to get the Giants in a position to win. I won't tip my hat to Eli at all, but I honestly believe the Giants defense & Spags should be the MVP for their season. Good luck next year when Spags jumps ship to become the head coach of the Redskins.

Top 5 Reasons Why It's Great That The Pats Lost The Superbowl:

1. The Golden Child is now a bit tarnished. I hate Brady only because he's like that smug rich jock kid from high school who has everything. Perfect girl, perfect life, etc. It's great to revel in that loss and watch all the Pats fan get denied a perfect season.

2. It's great to now hear for the rest of history about the Patriots who were "almost perfect". Sure, they had a perfect regular season, but couldn't quite get it done...which denies them the title of "best team EVER". Ha ha ha ha.

3. Spygate make me furious, and you really have to wonder - imagine if the Pats didn't get caught? Imagine if they were still taping and had the Giants signals? Think it would have been a different game? Sure. Also now think about it - all those years of cheating do you think that the Patriots may have won some Superbowls and cheated? I bet they did. They didn't look so dominant this year in the post season. Cheaters never win.

4. It's great just because of this observation: The camera shot of Gisele sitting in the luxury box watching the game, and watching in horror as her and the girl next to her sip wine from a crystal wine glass. Come on! This is fucking football and they are drinking wine??? If I were in that luxury box I would have slapped that glass out of her hand on principle alone. Oh yes I would! Ok, maybe not, but you have to agree with me: No wine allowed at a football game! What's next, going to have some sushi at halftime? Let the real fans attend these games, and it's great to watch crap fans like Gisele LOSE. I'm sure she woke up today, and doesn't even care that the Patriots lost the game.

5. I used to cheer on the Patriots, because I subscribed to "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". But I have to hand it to their fans, coach and team for taking a good team, and great franchise and driving everyone away from liking them. The Patriots fans I meet really do fit the term "Massholes". The coach is an arrogant fuck. Did you see Eli greet Brady before the game with a friendly pat on the back, while jogging past and get a cold stare back from Brady? What a fucking dick. If any Patriots fan out there thinks that anyone who really likes football really feels any level of sorrow that the Patriots lost - they are wrong. The only people who like the Patriots are Patriots fans now - or the loser ESPN commentators like Chris "I always pick against the Eagles" Collinsworth.


why r u so angry? its a football game.

Wouldn't have been easier and faster to just say:

"I am jealous and envious that the Giants won"?

It would have been better for you and your readers!

Jeez....can you be more bitter? This team beat the 2 best teams in the NFC, beat an 18-0 team, and you still can't give them credit. They just peaked at the right time? If you take away their 2 early losses they only lost 4 times all year. Its not like an 8-8 team got lucky.

"I'm writing more about the NY fans who are the Yankees fans all year and turn into a Giants fan when they win."

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this. If someone is a Yankees fan, generally, they are from the NYC area (and not all Yankees fans are bandwagoners, believe it or not). Even if they aren't pulling for the Giants in the regular season, why begrudge someone the chance to cheer on the local team? If you're talking about the people who act as if they know what's going on, as if they had been by the Giants' side since September (when really the started cheering two days ago) and who heckle and talk smack, well then, yeah, they suck and should be ignored/kicked/whatever. But for someone to find more of a rooting interest in a Super Bowl team because it would give the people of the area something to cheer/bond about is hardly bandwagon-dom. It's sports appreciation with a local team involved, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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