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Villanova Basketball: Kansas vs 'Nova

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I'm pretty excited about Villanova basketball each year, even if I don't really write about it that much.

It could be the only thing that I really liked about attending Villa-No-Fun.

Odd thing is that we all have our own version of how we see college, my experices were from 1990-1994.

See, for me, Villanova was a good educational institution, but forever marred by my social experiences there. I found 90% of the people to be stuck up snobby rich kids, with an elitist attitude that is somewhat similar to what we find with some yuppie Hobokenites.

I felt that the school treated their students like children, not adults. It was hard to party there, I remember sneaking beers into the male-only dorms and if we actually had girls at the party the RA (Resident Administrator) basically knew something was "up" and would start knocking on doors to break up the party.

Yes, i'm aware that now the dorms at Villanova are now co-ed.

Off campus, you were dependant upon your fraternity to party. I was in Delta Tau Delta, and I liked the brothers - we were an eclectic bunch of jocks, engineers, potheads and NROTC guys that loved to get hammered & goof off. Most of the sorority girls at 'Nova were a bit....cold. Except Delta Gamma, they were always the fun girls as I remember. Tri Delts and Kappa Kappa Gamma wouldn't give us the time of day.

So wouldn't you know it, I was bartending a few weeks back, and I get a couple of guys at the bar, and we are talking. One said he was from Philly....I mention my 'Nova connection, and they all perk up, giving me high fives - they were Villanova alumni.

We then get on the subject of fraternities, and wouldn't you know it....they are Delts, too.

More high fives and laughter.

They were younger than me. And I start to lay into Villanova, like I usually do, about the things I hated about it. The looks they give me are ones of "What? You didn't have FUN?"

I ask them, "Wait, you partied at...VILLANOVA?"

They are all like, "Hell yea. It was great!" They went on to tell me about some of the parties they had. I tell them a few stories of my own, like the time I decided to light my pants on fire.

Well, at least we all agreed that we enjoyed watching Villanova basketball.

This Friday i'll be over at Mulligan's watching Villanova getting trounced by Kansas at 9:40. Ok, ok. Maybe Villanova can pull the upset, but i'm a Philly fan, for crying out loud. We get miracles like once every 100 years, and the last one was in 1985 with Villanova vs Georgetown.

The guys from Bud Light emailed me to say that Mulligan's are having $2 pints, $10 Buckets & $8 Pitchers of Bud & Bud Light both Thursday & Friday nights during the games (7p-1am). That's always fun.

Junior's Papaya on Saturday

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On my way home Saturday night, after bartending at Mikie's, I stopped in Junior's Papaya Grill for a late night snack.

It is a new business in town, and just starting to get their "legs". I tried the sliders last week, and they were very good, with a fresh bun, juicy burger and yummy sauteed onions. The french fries, with cheese, were a bust for being undercooked and bland.

When I walked in, I saw the employees in there and "A Someone".

I put "A Someone", because it was clear as soon as I walked in this had to be a manager or owner, just by the way they were acting. I ordered my food, sat down, and waited a bit, while I sat in the mostly empty lounge at 2am on Saturday night.

After watching the Someone, and seeing him pass by my table, I blurted out, "So, are you a manager or an owner?"

He turns and sheepishly says, "I'm the owner."

I started to chat with him a bit, asking if he read his reviews on Hoboken411, and the comments by the people. He said he had read the site, and asked if I owned it. I explained that I knew the owner, and I merely contributed some of my content from to their site.

I asked if he knew about the negative comments about his french fries. I told him that the french fries were too inconsistent, some people said they got them well done and some said (like me) that they were undercooked. I told him that one of the most important things he needs to stress with his employees is having a consistent product - from hot dogs to burgers to french fries. I mentioned that people may dislike many things about McDonalds, but the consistency of their product is key to their growth.

He agreed, and asked what I ordered. I told him I got the sliders and cheese fries again, and he called back to his employees to make sure the fries were "well done".

We spoke a bit more, he explained that his business partners were "friendly" with the Grey's Papaya people in New York City, but it wasn't associated with them.

Also went on to tell me that they are thinking of doing a Saturday & Sunday brunch. I told him that ever since mid-town Diner shut down that the mid-town would love to have a greasy spoon kind of diner back again. I said that an idea he should think of is having breakfast available, along with the regular menu, on late-Friday and late-Saturday nights for the late night revelers.

The owner was nice enough to throw in a sample of his fried perogies, and gave me a cup to sample his fruit beverages (papaya, pina colada, orange cream). I thought the fruit beverages weren't bad at all, even if the papaya was a bit weak (he explained that someone must have mixed it wrong).

I thanked him for his time, and told him that I thought once the word got out there that he would draw a good late night crowd. I brought the perogies down to Mulligan's and had Tommy the bartender & his pals try them out, along with me. The perogies were a hit, and i'll probably order them next time I get over there.

Random Hedonism

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I was invited to a party last week, from a cousin of mine, who I will call "Gemini", who lives in Manhattan with her boyfriend on the upper west side. My cousin is one of the more unique individuals I know in my life, with brains (bachelors from NYU, masters from Harvard in developmental psychology, and she's working on getting her PhD currently), a flock of friends and admirers and a liberal spirit that knows no bounds. She basically lives in a world that most "average" people (read: me) are aware of, but aren't a part of. She rubs elbows with a varied spectrum of people, from millionaire businessmen, hipsters, actors, bartenders, artists, etc.

Gemini is living in a world where it's normal for her or her girlfriends to get flown on a private jet to a villa on an island in the Caribbean for a weekend getaway. It's normal for her to get VIP access to any club, bar or restaurant in the city, because she can make a phone call, ask one of her many friends and it's a done deal. She, herself, isn't of tremendous wealth or power, she simply knows a lot of people that do have access to both, and they are more than willing to give it to her.

Now before any "Client Number 9" jokes begin, I can say that Gemini worked as a bartender for years (doing bottle service) and met a lot of these people through the nightclubs. You would be amazed - AMAZED - at one simple fact in life (if you don't know it already):

Guys like pretty girls.

There it is. The secret is out now, oh boy!

Gemini is my cousin, but I have gotten enough people who come up to me who met her and say, "Hey, she's hot!" - so as much as she will always be the 12 year old who used to play tag with me and the other cousins at my Nanny and Pop-Pop's home, i'm aware how people think of her. Which also ruffles my feathers a bit because I have a tendancy to go into "protect" mode with my girl friends. More on that later.

Gemini worked in the bar/nightclub industry and met a ton of guys with money or "connections" (like DJs, promoters, etc) and they hook her up because they like her and probably want to get into her pants. Heck, my ex-girlfriend Lisa told me once how she was pals with a promoter in the city, who would invite her out all the time to parties because the promoter wants hot girls at their parties. Simple concept, if you think about it. Suffice to say, Gemini lives a very interesting lifestyle.

I get an email from her about her 30th birthday party. She decides to hold it at the Hotel QT on 45th street, saying it was a "pool party". There was a "swim up" bar, 3 1/2 foot deep heated pool and DJ all ready for us at 8pm last week.

I didn't know what to expect, but knew from previous stories that it would just be a random night. and I also know that she has a lot of cute girl friends. Aside from the horny 35-60 year old hedge fund millionaires that my cousin normally attracts, everyone else at this party were from all walks of life, but most have one thing in common - they party. A lot.

People who party a lot have one of three key things:

1. Money
2. Time
3. Access to great drugs.

If someone has money - well, they are either some trust fund kid or have a great job that allows them to go to work at 11am after sleeping off a hangover.

If someone has time - maybe they have a job with odd hours, like from noon to 8pm. They could be rich or poor, but they just have the time to go out to bars, clubs and restaurants all the time with their friends, sleep a few hours and repeat each night.

I'm slightly kidding about the 3rd point, but you must admit that there's lots of people out there can party each night because of what they are snorting. I have enough addictions, and enjoy sleep, so I stay away from that stuff and as far as I know, so does my cousin (she has always been honest with me). But i'm sure she has friends who love the Bolivian Marching Powder.

Ok, so the scene is set for you. We have a bar in Hotel QT, which was designed with a quasi-Spartan-trendy philosophy. Everything is done with a cool attention to detail, but with the cheapst marterials available. Like in the bar itself, is stainless steel and formica, the "glassware" are all plastic - even the martini glasses (which makes sense if people are drinking in a pool - broken glass would be a lawsuit waiting to happen). The bar is not very large, with some basic tables and stools. On the other side of the bar was the pool, with a plastic partition seperating each side, and a "swim up" window where someone from the pool can order drinks from the bartenders.

When I arrived, I saw my cousin, who was decked out like she normally dresses. She was flanked by two guys who looked like they owned their own companies, each wearing extremely expensive suits, watches and shoes.

My philosophy for that night was I was going to dress the way I felt comfortable - in jeans, sneakers and a polo shirt. I hate dressing up, and I love dressing in a J. Crew preppy "cool casual" look. That's me.

I kind of felt out of place, but chat up my cousin and her friends, making sure that I follow the same rules I learned when I was eight years old, taught by my father:

1. Eye contact.
2. A firm handshake.
3. Introducing yourself and asking and remembering their names.

This simple ability allows a person to transcend any standing in life. You could be a dockworker or a millionaire, and making your presence known to someone from a first meeting is critical. You never have a second chance to make a good first impression.

I cannot tell you how often I meet someone and get the limp fish handshake. Or they shake my hand and don't look at me when saying "Hello". That's a major faux-pas to me and says a lot, to me, about someone. Shake my hand. Look at me. Introduce yourself.

Of course the businessmen knew this and they and I chatted amiciably, and they bought me my first round, where I ordered a glass of single malt scotch (meh, I only ordered a Macallan 12 year old, even if the 18 year old was on the shelf).

More people arrived, and more introductions were made. I made sure to chat with people for about 10-15 minutes and move on to a new group of people. Gemini was kind of excited that I was there, and every introduction began with "This is Sean, my cousin!"

I thought it was funny, and everyone I met were very pleasant to me.

Now for the hedonism....

Ego and Self Worth On The Internet


I always find the definition of self-worth fascinating, especially in a town like Hoboken.

The definition of self worth is basically the way that a person perceives themself, their social standing (importance) amongst their peers, based on various factors. Some factors are tangible, and some are intangible. Some people could care less, but in a fucked up town like Hoboken, I notice that a lot of people get caught up in making themselves feel important.

Like, for example, money is a barometer for many people as their definition of self worth. The more money someone has, the more important they feel. They buy nice clothes, and feel better about themselves. They buy an expensive car or a beautiful home. Surrounding themselves with luxuries isn't merely for the pleasure of ownership, but the psychological impact of owning it. Why buy a Rolex when a Citizen tells the same time? Or when someone buys a wedding ring for their fiance, they want to spend as much as possible to say "THIS IS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU?" or is it really "THIS IS HOW MUCH MONEY I MAKE AND LET ME SHOW OFF YOU AS MY PRIZE". Shallow? Of course. How many women do you really know that will forgo an expensive wedding ring, and use that money with their soon to be husband towards their first house?

Another example is a power. Working for the city may not pay as much as someone on Wall Street, but there are perks to being connected in Hoboken, and the bloated egos that go along with it. You don't have to be rich, look at a police officer as an example. How many perks do you think a cop has in their life? At the recent St. Patrick's Day Parade, I heard that an off-duty cop from another county flashed a badge at a bouncer, in order to get their friend, who was waiting in line, into a bar. Think about that. In that police officer's mind - they were a cop and had MORE AUTHORITY than "regular people" to bypass the rules. How often do you think a cop gets a free pass from other police officers on traffic tickets or if they are caught on other minor infractions? Or the police, while off duty, are given free rounds at his local pub by nervous owners who want to keep the police "on their side".

There's people who don't have money, and they don't have power, but they define their self worth by other factors, like intelligence:

  • "The Insider": There are various kinds of insiders, like the music insider, a cynical artsy emo-kid who knows every up-and-coming band on the music scene working at places like The Frozen Monkey, and feels superior to those "in the rat race". Or the political insider, who is privy to the "behind the scenes" world of politics and feels like his knowledge makes them more powerful. The "hipster insiders" are the people who go to Last Night's Party, hang out with Cobrasnake and are pals with MisShapes, sipping on their soy chai teas while looking at
  • "The Professor": Super intelligent, bookish smart people who pat themselves on the back with their hefty IQ, and education. Some may have money or power, and some may not. Either way, they pride themselves in being smarter than everyone else. Maybe they went to an Ivy League school and will put down people with quips like, "I bet Joe on Wall Street didn't get a job like me because of years of {enter schooling here}, but because his daddy is a Director at Goldman." There's plenty of Professors that didn't go to great schools, or even have great jobs, but thrive on the IDEA that they are smarter than everyone else and therefore their self-worth is intact.
  • "Street Smart Local Unionist": There's plenty of people out there who didn't get a great job, don't have a great education, mommy and daddy didn't get them a condo in Hoboken, and they don't have any city connections, but pride themselves on their street (or local) credibility. They sneer at the local yuppies, laugh at the Barry Bond HGH gym rats and don't know from They look at life like it's a war, and they have survived because of their quick thinking and scrappiness, working a job as an electrician, plumber, machinist, or construction - connected to other union types and other "organizations", if ya know what i'm gettin' at, cump.

Or maybe physical charms:

  • "Steroid Guy": Probably has one of those tribal tattoos around their big bicep, lifts 7 days a week, probably at one point claims to have played high-school or college sports. They look down on others because of their superior strength, showing off their six-pack to people and feeling better about themselves.
  • "The Beauty Queen": She's the ball of the dance who is working as a 1st grade kindergarten teacher or a secretary (oops, sorry, administrative assistant), who may or may not have a college education (even if she does, she really went to college to get a M.R.S. degree, but wouldn't admit that to anyone). She pride herself on her good looks, often reminding people about when she was a cheerleader or how many boyfriends she had in her youth. She feels superior even if she's not educated or has a good job, she knows she's better than YOU because she is (or was) pretty.
  • "The Stud": Similar to the Beauty Queen, except defines his self worth by his sexual prowess, and probably working a job in sales or is a struggling actor (while working as a waiter). He prides himself on his boyish charm, good looks and ability to always pick up a girl at the bar. He may not be making a tremendous amount of money, but he sure gets lots of attention from women, which he loves.

So now if you take the above into account first, then, in Hoboken, there exists a certain hierarchy amongst the locals, the Born and Raised (BnR). Basically it goes like this:

1. Do you live in Hoboken, own a home and pay residential taxes.
2. Do you work or own a business in Hoboken (and pay commericial taxes).
3. How many years you lived in Hoboken.
4. Do you and/or other members of your family work for the City of Hoboken (i.e. City Hall, police, firemen, etc).
5. Were you were born and raised in Hoboken.
6. The number of generations your family has lived Hoboken.

What's the point to everything I wrote? Why do an exercise in trying to understand ego and self-worth?

I just find it fascinating, for starters. I will readily admit that I certainly fit into some of the criteria described above, I certainly pride myself on a decent job, my fitness and the fact I own a home. I don't write this entry to somehow act like i'm above all this, i'm not. I'm a human being with human insecurities, ego and failings.

The point to writing it was nothing more than an exercise in understanding our self. Maybe you are reading this and thinking "Furey is writing about me!" - yes and no. I'm writing about me, what I see from online local message boards, hear people talk about in the bar or just observe.

Think about when an arguement starts on a message board (like Hoboken411 or Hobokenchat) or even behind friend's back in email flaming. What are the common ways that people puff up their chests and boast their self worth. I always read things boasting or put downs:

"I have more money."
"I have a better job."
"I lived in Hoboken longer."
"I have had more boyfriends/girlfriends/lovers."
"They are a fat slob."
"They are an ugly short troll."

Yadda yadda yadda.

I'm sure that Hoboken isn't unique. I'm sure the definition of self worth doesn't end when you leave Hoboken for the Land Of Suburbia...the definition of self worth probably transfers from self-worth to "Family Pride". Where your kids go to school, what grades they get, are they on student council or play a doesn't end.

I wrote this letter to Jason Mulgrew from He is an avid Eagles fan, and a very funny writer and wrote this on his website:

"The Eagles signing of Asante Samuel is an unequivocal and absolute fucking disgrace. It's not even that the contract is gaudy, - even though it is, but at least it's somewhat close to market value - but to give almost $60 million to a cornerback when they have more pressing needs is majorly, majorly upsetting to me. And while he's had a good career, he was DOGGED in the Super Bowl and will forever be remembered as the guy who got beat on one of the most famous plays in Super Bowl history. Bottom line: it was man-on-man, Samuel on Tyree, and if makes that play, the game is over and New England wins (well, it would have been 4th and 5, but still). Also, if he had made that pick on other play, NE would have won. TWICE, in the sport's biggest game, he had the opportunity to SECURE THE CHAMPIONSHIP - AND HE BLEW IT. And the Eagles just gave him $60 million. What the fuck.

Enjoy your $60 mil, dickhead. And welcome to Philadelphia.

(I am so enraged right now that my weekend is in danger of being ruined. Seriously.)

(Also, and I'm not saying anything that hasn't been covered in the press ad nauseum, but did the SB teach us nothing if not that the key to a successful pass defense is a successful rush? And look how much Clements and Lewis helped SF's secondary this year - oh wait, they didn't at all. Jesus Christ. The only hope I have is that Asante gives the d-line an extra half-second to get to the QB and thus get the sack, but c'mon. I am SO SO angry right now. I can't stop TYPING IN CAPS. Damn it.)

(Finally, I dare anyone to defend this move to me. It is indefensible. Sorry, there are two ways it's defensible: 1) If this somehow springs us to sign playmakers on the offensive side of the ball; 2) If someone comes to my house and blows me twice a day, every day, that Asante Samuel is an Eagle. If one of these two things happen, I might be ok with this signing. Might.)"

This is my email response below:

Before Asante was signed, I would say these are our (I use "our" when referring to the Eagles) needs, in priority to draft needs:

1. Offensive lineman. Runyan and Thomas are fucking ancient (but still workhorses) and Shawn Andrews can't do it alone. Winston Justice got owned last year (I actually think we gotta give a rookie a break in that situation it would be like you playing point guard against Iverson), and McNabb ended up on his back more times last year than Lindsay Lohan. If McNabb doesn't have protection, how the fuck is he going to throw the ball? Everyone whines about getting a WR, but McNabb NEEDS TIME TO THROW. Look at Eli. He sucks moose cock and has all day to sit in the pocket, type out a email, then throw blind Hail Mary's that Toomer catches for a 28 yard gain. So my #1 pick in the draft is an offensive linemen. Not a sexy pick, not anything that the yahoo armchair coaches from would want, but it's what I would pick (depending on what drops).

2. We have no depth in our secondary. Lito is always injured for at least 3 games a year. Dawk is 35, and doesn't have the bounce back like he did at 25. Sean Constandine is great if he was on fucking Oakland or Arizona, but for an Eagles safety, he's average at best. Sheldon Brown is good, solid, but I have seen him get burned A LOT, especially in the Red Zone where he just can't match up on those jump balls to Plaxico or Owens. Ok, so that's our secondary, along with WILLIAM JAMES, JOSELIO HANSON (nickel corner) and J.R. REED (safety, kick off returner). It was sad to see who we were putting on the field last year. We absolutely needed more depth here, especially after Lito and Dawk were both off the field our secondary was woefully average.

3. Defensive Linemen - our ends are Abiamiri, Thomas & Cole (Howard and Kearse excluded b/c they are goners). Tackles Patterson, Bunkley, Van Oelhoff (should I bother including Reagor or Ramsey?). Wow, really fucking impressive list of names there, right? Our "stud" was Cole who had 12.5 sacks...after him was a huge drop off Thomas with 5. As a comparison Osi had 13 sacks, Tuck has 10 sacks, Strahan had 9 sacks...That's three Giants with a combined 32 sacks for the year. Our entire team registered around 30 sacks. We gotta get help here for Cole. We tried with the big splashy signing of Kearse and Howard which should have made us a MONSTER line, but we sucked. We absolutely need more talent here because repeat after me: DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.

4. WR - I think we had good WRs, but with #1 it was even worse when McNabb is harried and hurried. Everyone talks about "This is Reggie Brown's 3rd year so he's going to EXPLODE." Well, he didn't. Maybe year 4 can be better, who knows? We have capable WRs, but we don't have someone to stretch the field. We don't have a guy who is big and can jump up and bring down a "jump ball" kind of pass like Plax or Owens. Also sort of included in WRs are our TEs - imagine if the birds had Jason Witten to pass to? Holy shit that would be fucking amazing. Bottom line is that I agree that we can use help, but I really put this at #3 of our pressing needs.

I think with #2 and #4 it would be great to get help in the form of someone who is a kick or punt returner and also plays in extended situations (like at nickel or dime packages).

Ok, now lets look at Asante.

He's basically a healthy version of Lito. Now lets remember even before we got Asante we had Mr. Crybaby (Lito) saying how he wasn't paid enough. He's always due to be hurt in the season, yet he cries he isn't getting paid enough. Ummmmm, what?

So what's our choices. Pay Lito to shut him up and hope that he doesn't continue to get hurt. Or pay Asante, who will come here, all happy, play good enough (he isn't a shut down corner, but he's solid, depenable and HAPPY WITH HIS PAYCHECK....and oh, yea - can play in 16 games a season!). Then we have Lito.

Ok, Lito has basically made it known that he doesn't like his paycheck. Now that it's public you know that the Philadelphia media or ESPN Eagles haters won't let this die. They will repeat ad nauseum about how Lito is unhappy and analyze every burp, hiccup and fart from Lito for the next 3 years to gauge his unhappiness. Look at the Owens, Iverson, Barkley history as good examples how the media helped the Drama Queens to blow everything up and ran our stars out of town. Lito is gone if the right offer is out there. Or maybe the Eagles keep him a year. If Lito could shut up, or we paid him, imagine this secondary:

Left Corner: Asante Samuel
Right Corner: Lito Sheppard
Strong Safety: Brian Dawkins
Free Safety: Sheldon Brown or Constandine
Nickel: Sheldon Brown or Hanson
Dime: Hanson?

Bottom line is that is much, much, much more impressive and much deeper depth if Lito comes up lame in a game. Or you package Lito with your #1 draft pick and move up in the draft and pick something. Here's the two picks i'd grab with my #1 pick (and also assuming that Lito is gone).

1. I'd grab an offensive linemen like I wrote before. Someone who you can make the future tandem of Shawn Andrews & "Future 2008 Draft Pick" who will replace Runyan and Tre (now William) Thomas. Groom the kid as a guard like Andrews for now, figure that Justice will get better and you have a fairly good looking offensive line.

2. I'd make a strong play to snap up Leodis McKelvin. Here's what Mel Kiper wrote:
"Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy (5-10 1/2, 185) Not only is McKelvin a very good cover man with superior recovery ability (he runs in the 4.38 range) and the aggressiveness to get the job done in run support, he also has made a name for himself as the top return man in the entire nation. He has stood out this season in games against the likes of Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma State and Georgia. With his speed and versatility, McKelvin will bring great value to a football team."

I completely agree here and Eagles get to cover two key needs: Depth on the secondary and much needed help in our return game. Imagine the Birds with a speedy kick returner that can actually *GASP* return a kickoff for a TD? When's the last time you saw that? Was it Westbrook like 4 years ago? I would absolutely get rid of Lito, see about packaging a deal to move up to the #12 spot and grabbing this kid. You have a new fresh talent to groom in nickel situations (which replaces Hanson) and our return game (which replaces Reed). Also you get to cut Reno Mahe who is taking up room on our bench because he's the only idiot who has sure hands but concrete legs.

Asante was a good pick up, especially when you take it into consideration of where the Eagles have the most pressing needs & the new "Lito Drama" that we just don't need to distract us. I know everyone is foaming at the mouth for a WR, and I certainly think if at the #2 pick there's something to snap up, i'd say go for it. I don't see any first round WRs that really impress the hell out of me. Some look VERY GOOD, but there's not a WR that if the Eagles move up in the draft that i'd pick over Leodis McKelvin (only because he fills two huge needs for the birds - depth in our secondary and a kick returner).


It seemed like a very good day yesterday, with a decent sized crowd in town, but the atmosphere was very subdued.

I got into work at 6:30pm to bartend and the bar was mobbed. There was a good crowd there and everyone seemed to be having a good time. I relieved the bartenders who were working the day shift and got ready for the hardest bartending job - dealing with very drunk patrons.

Here's my top 5 observations I ran into bartending yesterday, just based on real life incidents that happened while serving people:

1. Everyone thought the music sucked. We have Sirius radio and keep it on one station, which is usually Sirius Hits, channel 1, and it plays the Top 40 stuff. Over and over and over again. So you are going to hear the same songs ad nauseum. I had people complaining as soon as I walked it that they hated the music and it didn't stop, even when I finally got permission to change it to my favorite channel, 90's Alternative, I had a bunch of 21 year olds who said to me, "What up with the classic rock music?" The bottom line is if you have 100 people in the bar they each want to listen to 100 different kinds of music and no one is going to be happy.

2. Cutting people off from drinking is annoying. There was a really cute blonde at the end of the bar, drinking and having a good time with her friends. Like with any fun cutomer I would play around and joke with them, and we both were having fun. Her friend, who looked about 50 years old, wearing a black beanie and glasses just couldn't keep up with the amount they were drinking. He was definitely falling asleep and out of it - a classic case of someone who was past the point of drunk and completely smashed. The owners warned me on Friday that I was to NOT overserve anyone. If someone got too drunk, I would tell management.

Ok, so I told management and cut him off when I saw him closing his eyes and snoozing at the bar. Ms. Fun Girl turned into Ms. Hellcat on me. Screaming at me with things like, "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY WE SPENT AT THIS BAR TODAY?!?!" I couldn't say anything to placate her, reasoning with a drunk girl is like, well, reasoning with a drunk girl. No matter what I said, she didn't want to hear it and it's hard to bartend when you have a upset patron making a big deal out of it. Fortunately she and her friends left and of course i'm THE BAD GUY. Another reason why it sucks working the night shift on days like this.

3. Overcapacity stinks. Like I wrote I got into the bar and it was rockin'. 30 minutes into bartending, the fire marshall walks in, says we are overcapacity (we were by about 20 people), and makes everyone leave. Everyone has to leave their drinks, go back outside, wait in line again and then we have to recount off our capacity limit. Oh, and the bar pays $2,500 in fines. That totally sucked for various reasons, but really hurt me, as a bartender, from making more money.

4. The bar is there to make money, and people didn't understand why we charged $3 for bottled water. The issue is simple - we had people at the bar, last year, who would sit at the bar and just drink alcohol all day, and then switch to just drinking water all night. There would be a line outside and people sipping on water inside. Sorry, this is America, the land of capitalism. We have to charge for bottled water and I had a few customers who didn't understand why I couldn't just give them tap water. I just follow the rules, people.

5. I think everyone at the bar, aside from Ms. Hellcat, were well behaved and great tippers. I was shocked how many responsible people were out yesterday. Sure, people were loud and crazy, but most people I saw on Saturday night from behind the bar were just having a good time and a pleasure to serve.

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