TV Is My 2nd Best Friend At Home

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Now that i'm living solo and don't have roommates or puppies to come home to, I have my TV as my friend at home.

Oh, my PC is my #1 friend, and my #3 friends are my plants. One of which is dying and I may need your help to figure out why this one plant is dying, but more on that next week.

So here's what i'm watching, and if you are watching it, feel free to comment!


The 4/24 episode was easily one of my favorite episodes for these reasons:

1. Killing his daughter. That is what makes a great show, a twist like that. In many "weaker" shows somehow the daughter would have been spared and rescued. "She's not my daughter, she's just a pawn!" *BOOM* Dead.

2. The look on Ben's face was priceless and his reaction was AWESOME. Furious. FURIOUS. I mean the guy calls down THE BEAST on the soldiers. At first I thought he was doing some kind of earthquake distraction and then you hear that "Roooooaaaa" sound and It's On Like Donkey Kong. That was just great. What a way to revenge your daughter's death.

3. We finally are learning that the island is either a) in a different time than the rest of the world or b) Maybe even a different (parallel) dimension. The doctor washed up on the shore - yet he was alive in the other world. Yes, you could argue that the doctor WILL die, because the island is in a different time. But what if it's in a different time and dimension? I.E. you tell the doctor he's going to die - could you prevent his death? Is the future inevitable? Could you change the history of the dimension that you are in contact with, and therefore alter things? For example, we are seeing "flash forwards" to Jack and Kate and they talk about "getting back to the Island", which we know is in the past to the "real world". How far in the past? Is it the same dimension? It's certainly can explain, in a way, why Locke can walk - in this past dimension he isn't injured from his father. Something to think about.

4. I love the Sawyer & Hurley brotherhood that has finally formed. From once a mean bully to a protective brother Sawyer has come full circle. You can't help to really enjoy watching Sawyer or Hurley, both of them are just great, great characters.

Big Brother

I now into this show because of a girl I was dating introduced it to me a few years back. Now i'm addicted.

1. I remember first watching Ryan and seeing his girlfriend Jen and thinking "How did THAT guy get THAT girl??". He looked like an overweight schlub to me, but after watching a season with Ryan, now I can kind of see it, he's a cool dude with a laid back, nice personality.

2. Baller's (Adam) personality reminds me of me. Far too often I want to make everyone happy, please everyone and then somehow everything backfires and i'm the bad guy. Like him, I have a good habit of putting my foot in my mouth. He's screwed when he gets out of the house and finds out that all the parents with Austic children despise him. If I were in his shoes i'd donate part of my winnings to an Autism charity (and see if CBS would match his donation) to do some damage control. The editors of the show are just as guilty for getting him into the hot water - they could have edited those comments out.

3. Evil Dick coming back to the show was the highlight of the season. Priceless. The guy rules.

4. Shelia is so annoying. Someone needs to pull her aside and STOP her from playing the "Single Mother" card about everything. But, with that being said. If I was Adam, I would have taken her to the finals. I know that him and Adam are brothers, but you want to win $500,000? Bring Shelia. She's the weakest player and if the Jury house voted, I'd expect Ryan would win, unless Chelsia, Joshuah and James wanted to spite Ryan and get everyone to vote for Shelia.

5. Ryan has played his game extremely well and deserves to win.

Battlestar Galactica

1. Ok, let me understand this. You give Starbuck a trash ship, put all your best fighter pilots on that ship and let them go away from the fleet. Oh, let me guess - will this be the one time where the Cylons DON'T ATTACK because all the best fighter pilots are away from the fleet? Come on producers, that's just lame.

2. Raise your hands if you are tired of Starbuck and Apollo. Yea, me too.

3. Is the show turning into "West Wing: Galactica" with Apollo's new role?

4. Finally the OLD Baltar is back. Calculating. Confident. Evil. Dude, shoot the writer who turns him into a whiney weak bastard. He's my favorite character.

5. Callie is dead, thank god. All they had to do was give her a stroller and a cell phone and she would have been like all the other stroller moms in Hoboken. I'm guessing that Callie comes back and she's the 6th Cylon. Although a better plot twist would be Adama's son / Apollo's brother returning as the 6th Cylon - which kind of would make more sense since he hasn't been revealed all this time.

6. Cylon civil war - that's what I wanna watch! Fuck the battlestar and Adama and the President relationship shit. CYLON CIVIL WAR. You just know the toasters are going to be free soon and it's going to be chaos.


This show is over, but caught the movie Firefly: Serenity on Tivo one day.


Ok, i'm kidding a bit, but Firefly: Serenity was fucking awesome. I go back and now watch the TV shows and wonder what the fuck - how did I miss this show?!

If I won $100 million tomorrow, i'm flying to Hollywood and the new producer of Firefly.

An outstanding show that I think was poorly marketed. If you like sci-fi, go watch that movie and thank me later.

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LOST - YES but you already knew that
Not a fan of the voyeuristic/reality shows like BB, I leave those for the soon to be Mrs.
Galactica....on board with the Cylon Civil War, notice the Centurions are throwing looks (the 1 scrubbing blood of the wall) another not acting until Deanna said 'please' big trouble on the baystars ahead.
+ blowing someone out of an airlock...ALWAYS makes for good tv watching. SciFi needs to get Ron Moore's Galactica podcasts back up and running on iTunes. If you haven't heard them before it is excellent insight on the creative process of the show.

Give 30 Rock a go....Alec Baldwin is fantastic in it


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