My Old Volvo

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Last weekend, I made a late start to hit the beach, which was mostly due to the fact that the guy who got me into the house was the only person I knew there, and he wasn't showing up until Sunday.

When I decided to make my journey on Sunday, I hopped in my aging, but normally dependable 1993 Volvo and started on my way. Noticing that my car needed a wash - I went to the car wash on Observer Highway.

Scrub a dub, dub - my car was looking pretty again (or at least as pretty as a car from 1993 can look) - and I was pulling out of the car wash, putting it in park for the guys to towel dry my car - and my car wouldn't go into Park.

I never saw this problem before. It would go into Reverse, Neutral, Park, 2, 1. Trying to move the shift into Park and it would not move like it was locked.

I was stunned, and not sure what to do. Thoughts flashed into my mind - like the idea of getting a new car, or not having a car for the summer now that I have a shore house. FUCK.

I drove over to the Sears Auto Center, which was thankfully open, by the Newpart Mall. I normally get my oil changed there, and it was the same place that I got new tires. I was hoping someone there could help.

I talked to the guys there, while sitting in my car, and explained my situation. They never heard of that and gave me the name of a mechanic that works in Jersey City which specializes in Volvo's. But, it being Sunday, they doubted he was open.

I figured that I didn't have any choice, so I drove over there, using a new Garmin Nuvi I picked up a few months ago to guide me there.

Sidenote: I got the Garmin because while driving back to my mother's house outside Philly, I wanted to visit my father's grave, on the way there. I didn't use mapquest, figuring i'd go by the directions from mom - I got hopelessly lost and couldn't find it!! I was quite upset, as you can imagine.

This mechanic was located on Communipaw Ave in Jersey City. For those of you who haven't seen Communipaw Ave, lets just say that I don't consider myself to be a gentle little snowflake, but looking around I hadn't been this apprehensive since my ill fated drive through Chester, PA. I quickly got out of there, when I drove by a very closed, locked and chain fenced shop.

I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but I knew that driving to the shore was out of the question.

I drove home, and went into my parking lot. I put the car in Neutral, and put on the parking brake, then turned the car off. I fiddled with the shifter, which wouldn't move. I turned the key back to the position just before you switch to ignition, and then fiddled with the shifter some more, and it popped back into Park.

I'm not sure what happened. But, I turned the car on, tested it out a few times, and it seemed fine after that. I drove down to Bradley Beach, after 90 minutes of being terrified by my car.

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