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I was reading a New York Times article about surfing, and was reading about guys, older than me, who still surf every day in Santa Cruz, California.

I couldn't fathom that with my schedule. Even if I lived in Santa Cruz, I really couldn't see myself, each day, going to the beach and surfing.

Well, for one, I don't know how to surf.

Secondly, I don't think I could just go, surf, leave and do that in under 2 hours. Maybe I could. I dunno. Matt could tell me how he used to surf back in the day in Ocean City, NJ.

After reading the article I thought how cool it would be to 051208.jpggo to Hawaii or California, for a week or two and just learn how to surf. Nothing else. No sight seeing. Just go on a vacation on How To Surf 101, some place warm.

Then I started to think about other things, besides the Surf Camp, i'd like to learn or do before I die, and came up with my own "Top Five" of things that would be fun to do - say in the next 5-10 years.

1. Go to a golf camp, get a pro to figure out my game and fix it, so I can win some money at Myrtle. If anyone knows of a good know where to reach me...

2. I'm still in love with the idea of getting a dog. I just can't pull the trigger right now, but someday i'd really like to have one. Right now my fix will have to be thru my friends or family dogs.

3. Go on a real camping trip, into the wilderness. As much as i'm a fan of air conditioning and running water, I also like the idea of a real escape from civilization - maybe a safari in Africa.

4. Get back to London. My visit at 16 was fun, but i'd rather see it as an adult & see all the touristy places that I skipped while nursing hangovers. I like the idea of going, but wouldn't want to do this alone & wouldn't like to do this at today's currency exchange rates. Would also like to include Ireland & Scotland in here, too.

5. Get out to more New York restaurants & bars. As much as I enjoy dining in Hoboken, i'd really like to get out and try some new places. Now that I have Saturday nights free, I have more time to get out and explore. I'd like to try to see some new bars and restaurants, preferably those that aren't French and don't require a jacket.

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