Van Halen Concert 2008

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Last night, I got to see Van Halen at the Meadowlands.

Growing up, I was a huge Van Halen fan in Richboro. My brother and his friends Doug, Paul, Steve and I would listen to Van Halen on warm summer nights, usually after a day of playing baseball out in the cul-de-sac.

Music is a part of our identity. My music morphed from Van Halen to New Wave in the 80's, while my other friends went down the path of hard rock with bands like Megadeath, Iron Maiden and Rush.

The concert itself was a lot of fun. It wasn't sold out, which surprised me, but i'd say it was 85% full. The majority of people there were in their 30's, along with a few kids tagging along with their 40 year old parents. There was a huge cross section of society there, and if you like to people watch, like I do, it was just a blast looking at all the different walks of life at the concert.

Van Halen put on a great show, and here's some quick comments about their performance:

1. David Lee is ripped for a man his age. Still in great shape, but I was disappointed that he mumbled over a few lines of many songs. It was almost like he didn't know the lyrics or something. Very strange. Otherwise I give his performance a B minus.

2. Eddie Van Halen was incredible. The guy is a master on the guitar and you really don't get a good understanding until you actually see it live. My jaw hit the floor and rolled around when he did his solo. An A plus - the man is a master of his craft.

3. Wolfgang Van Halen did a great job, but considering he is filling in for Michael Anthony, that isn't saying much. But he looked comfortable on stage, and did well.

4. Alex Van Halen is still just as good as he ever was and is easily the most unappreciated drummer. Watch him live and you really see that this guy is excellent at what he does.

All said and done, I would give the concert a B plus. Would I go again? Probably not. Once was enough for me, but I was absolutely glad I went and got to see my childhood band in concert at least one time. If you grew up a Van Halen fan like me, i'd highly encourage you to see them in concert.

As Chris mentioned to me, "These guys were idiots for breaking up" - I couldn't agree more. If they could have kept it together, they would have went on to make a ton of great music and made a fortune in concerts.

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