First Full Weekend At Bradley Beach

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I took a 3 day weekend for no good reason this weekend. Friday I went to the Phillies Club and was pleasantly surprised to see about 10 Phillies fans at the bar to watch the Phils steal a game from the Braves. Then headed with some friends to the Farside, an old stomping ground. I haven't been there to drink in at least two years, but it was nice to see some old faces. Had a cigar with a few more people in the back bar (Haven't had a cigar in a solid 7 years, reminded me of days at Ocean City with the old man), drank Macellan scotch and even shot some darts until close. Which, at the time seemed like a good idea until I woke up Saturday feeling like ass.

Saturday, drove down a bit more hungover than I cared to be to the Bradley Beach shore house. It was my first "full" weekend, aside from Memorial Day when I was just down there on one day.

People have been asking me about the house & what I thought. It's basically like a fraternity house, with very few frills. It is a bit run down, but serves the basic purpose of our common needs. There are window mounted A/C units in each bedroom. We are about 1/2 block to the beach. It has cable TV, and a nice backyard where we all gather to drink, eat and be merry. So far everyone I live with are cool enough, and yes, they know about my blog. We have 5 full shares and 6 half shares in our house, with two people in a bungalo in the back.

I'd definitely spend more money to get a nicer place, but that is something that didn't present itself this year.

The drive is fairly good. Without traffic it is an hour door to door. With traffic, I found a nifty trick. Most "normal" people drive from Hoboken to the NJ Turnpike then the NJ Turnpike to the Garden State Parkway.

I found that the Hoboken to NJ Turnpike has always been quick, but the GSP is a parking lot. On my way down on Saturday, it was a mess. The stop and go traffic was zero fun. I asked my house mates on a better way to get back to Hoboken to avoid the GSP. One mentioned that I could take Route 9 to Route 18, then taking the NJ Turnpike back. It worked like a charm, and I left Bradley by 3pm and home by 4pm, using my old trick to avoid Holland Tunnel traffic: Hoboken's Secret Entrance.

If the weather is nice, i'll get down to the shore house again this weekend, and hopefully be motivated to get out and check out some of the bars along the shore. I heard that the local bars in Bradley are a bit boring. A friend of mine keeps telling me to check out "Jenks" (Jenkinsons) - it's about 30 minutes away, so we will see if I want to make the journey out there. I heard other bars to see from my house mates, like Parker House or Edgars. We will see.

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