Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Watching the Phillies (well, if you are a Phillies fan).

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Most of my Phillies watching over the years was like how I watch the Sixers - if they are playing well I paid attention. Every year up here, I would still buy Mets vs Phillies tickets each year at Shea, and one year I remember I got to watch the Phils vs Yankees in 1998 which was fun (except the score was 9-2, Yankees). I may have not been a die hard Phillies fan, but I still was a fan when they stunk.

Even though the Phillies were bad, they were "my team". Take my brother, who moved to New York in 1999 and started to root for the Yankees! He claimed the Yankees were his American League team! That was shocking to me. I couldn't imagine myself doing that. I'm Philly, baby. I'd root for the Philadelphia hopscotch team if they had one (ok, not really, but you get the idea).

If you are a die hard Philly sports fan, and live and die by our teams, then you gotta be excited this year for the Fightin's. Here's the top 5 reasons you should be watching my Phillies:

1. Chase Utley has hit 21 home runs. Chase is on pace to hit 58 homers, 26 more than his career high in 2006. The record for second basemen is 42, set by Rogers Hornsby in 1922 and tied by Davey Johnson in 1973.

2. In the last six games the Fightin's have scored 55 runs. Their bats are on fire. Only one team in the entire league has scored more runs to date than the Phillies (320) - the Cubs (331).

3. The Phils have two Most Valuable Players: Ryan Howard (2006) & Jimmy Rollins (2007), with Utley in the mix to be the MVP in 2008. When was the last time three different players from the same team won the MVP in consecutive years? Not since Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle and Elston Howard ran off the MVP hat trick for the Yankees in 1961-63. You could be watching a historic season here, folks.

4. This year we have a deeper, more talented bullpen compared to last year. In 2007, twenty one different players threw at least one pitch out of the bullpen for the Phillies and we finished the regular season ranked 13th in the National League with a 4.41 ERA. This season? Phillies relievers entered last night with a 2.71 ERA, by far the best mark in the National League. Six of the seven arms in the bullpen - Lidge, Gordon, Durbin, Romero, Ryan Madson and Rudy Seanez - have an ERA under 4.00, and four have an ERA under 3.00.

5. The final reason is that we have a the Philadelphia Phillies Club right here in town. What? You didn't know? Here's our "Google Group" link, and it works like this - we meet up once a week at Mulligan's bar for a "game of the week" (usually a Thursday or Friday game - with the random Wednesday night thrown in). That night, we watch the game while enjoying frosty Yuenglings and Bud Light drafts for $2 each. Of course you can always go into Mulligan's, on any night, and ask for any baseball game - they have the MLB package. But our "game of the week" is just a fun way to get other Phillies fans together from Hoboken and socialize while the game is on. It's not like the Eagles Club where we are getting 100+ people a week, it's a smaller more social crowd. If i'm not at the shore, i'll be at the bar. Just pop in, and say hello. If i'm not there, just ask the bartender to turn the game on and tell them you are with the Phillies Club to get the specials.

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