Bradley In July

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It is mid-summer and been getting down to the beach a lot more.

I have been getting to know my house mates more, and they are all a very interesting cast of characters. To their credit, everyone is really cool when it comes to sharing food & alcohol. I often drive down with food, ready to grill, and bring enough to feed about 10 people. Most of the other house mates are much in the same mindset.

Yesterday, for example, one house mate had an idea for our breakfast, we will call him "Boston". Boston said, "Ok lets get some crab cakes, lobster bisque and eggs. We will poach the eggs, put them on top of the crab cakes and drizzle it with the bisque."

At first we were a bit incredulous, but Boston jumped up, got into his car and drove to a local fish market to get the ingredients. He gets back with a ton of food, and 20 minutes later eight of us are eating his version of a seafood Eggs Benedict, which was outstanding.

One of the house mates teaches me a cool trick that I never knew about.

On Saturday night we are all sitting around trying to come up with something to make for dinner, but it was 8:30 and we realized that by the time we cook something up, we would be eating by 10. Pizza enters the equasion, and we tried to order from a local pizza shop (Pizza on Main), and they tell us at 8:30 that they are closing soon.

Someone mentions that they saw a Papa John's nearby, but wasn't sure of the phone #.

If you text message GOOGLE on your cell phone (466453) and enter things like a name & state - it will text back to you, automatically, the name, address and phone number of a business.

I entered "Papa John Asbury NJ", and got back the phone # and address of the pizzeria.

Five seconds later, I have the phone number and order. Much easier and faster than calling 411.

Here's also a Top Five list of things I have noticed this summer....

1. I remember in years past the drive along the Garden State Parkway being a parking lot. Everytime I drove down, on Fridays, the drive has been quick, with some traffic. Maybe less people are renting or driving this year, but it still takes me only an hour to get to the beach.

2. What's up with people on the beach not respecting each other's space? Growing up in Ocean City, I remember everyone would keep about 5 feet from each other when setting up their chairs, umbrellas and beach towels. At Bradley, it is more like a 2 foot rule. People will come to the beach, with 4 kids, a radio and their loud squawking set up right next to you and think nothing of it.

3. On Saturday I was sleeping away when a 4 year old nails me with a shovel full of sand. He had no idea he hit me, because he was flipping it over his shoulder, making a hole in the sand. I wake up, and I give a typical Philly reaction of "YO!". The kid stands there, dumbfounded. The father notices this, says to his kid to make sure he says he is sorry, which he complies, and I pat the kid on the shoulder and reply, "It's ok." I get off my chair to brush off my chest full of sand. I'll give a thumbs up to the parent to at least teach their kids to say they are sorry.

4. What's up with the quasi military police who patrol the beach in military boots, guns and billy clubs? Two of them patrol up and down the beach, and they aren't checking beach tags - but I suppose looking for people drinking alcohol or smoking pot. I just find it a bit surprising, you would never see that in Ocean City - you may see the cops, but they are more laid back in collared polo shirts and shorts. Very strange, to me and part of that major difference between northern and southern jersey beaches.

5. I always remember Jersey Beach water being so disgusting, but I was pleasantly shocked the other day. Maybe it is the environment or our efforts to clean up the beaches, but on more than one occasion I have waded into the water only to see that the water was pristine and clear, I could see to the bottom of the sea floor. With the Category 2 storm Bertha this weekend, the sea was churned and foamy, so it wasn't so clear this weekend, but has anyone else noticed how clean the ocean water has been?

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