CVS Newark and Washington Expansion

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As some of you may know, CVS leased the empty property next to it (formerly the Sam Goody store), and has been working slowly on renovating the space & merging stores into one super store.

Well the day is here. The pictures show the partially completed work, and a few comments from me after...

1. Notice how they really didn't expand the amount of registers! Jesus, they were slow with 1/2 the store can you imagine what the lines will be like now?

2. Who put together the asiles? I sincerely hope it is a work in progress because you can see with some of the photos that some aisles are very narrow, where other asiles are much wider. It was like a bunch of teenagers decided to slap the aisles together (I know i'm not far off here, really).

3. I only did a small glance at their beverage prices, but some items are about 20% higher than at local Mom and Pop stores.

4. CVS would make a big killing if they expanded the grocery portion of their store. There isn't a true "super market" at this end of town, aside from Kings at 333 River & there *is* the Garden Of Eden, but to my home it's not very convienent.

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No kidding on point#1. For that many registers and associates, checking out always seems to take too long. It irks me that everytime I go in there the cashiers say "separate lines, please." I know this is "cerebral" (shout out to yest's post) but I remember from an Operations class that 1 line is best--even if it snakes back and forth. This way everyone's wait time is minimized. This is nerdy, but I had to get it off my chest. I may even try to talk to a mgr one day about it.

In other news, a new bodega is opening on First at Madison in a couple of weeks--opposite Mad One Jack's. It's supposed to be a produce and grocery shop (no liquor). As a resident of this block, I'm excited at the prospect of closer food.

As they say on 610WIP, first time, long time. Stay classy Hoboken.

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