Another Eagles Season Begins!

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Here we go again.

It's our 5th year organized in Hoboken, and we are almost at 140 members in the Eagles Google group, and I couldn't be happier.

This is a make or break year for Donovan. Make no bones about it, Kolb is waiting in the wings if McNabb gets hurt and/or if the Eagles don't make the playoffs - fully expect McNabb to be traded (i'd expect they want that to an AFC team!), and the Kolb era begins.

Me? I like #5. I think if you watch, most of the mistakes are on our WRs with drops/routes, not with McNabb's accuracy. I'm not sure why the birds don't aggressively go after a better WR for him, but i'm not a GM so who knows.

My top 5 things to watch for this Sunday (besides McNabb):

1. We have one, count 'em, one fullback on the team - the converted RB Mike Hunt. This is the guy who has got to protect McNabb on passing plays and open up holes for Westbrook on running plays. Keep an eye on him.

2. Blitzing. With 3 corners that would start on any team (Samuel, Brown and Sheppard) I fully expect nickel packages galore with corners being very aggressive because the Eagles can afford single coverage. I'd be shocked if we sit back this game.

3. Stewart Bradley & Co: Lots of question marks. Can our new linebackers contain Steven Jackson? How is Stewart going to handle running the defense? They are all quick, fast, big linebackers, at the SAM and MIKE positions the Eagles haven't had since the days of Jeremiah Trotter and Carlos Emmons. Question is will they have the heart that Trotter had?

4. No Brown, No Curtis, No Problem? If you haven't heard, Brown didn't practice on Thursday, which usually means he isn't starting on Sunday. Curtis is out with his sports hernia. Our starters are rookie DeSean Jackson and the combo platter of Baskett/Lewis with a sprinkling of Avant. Our WR situation was average enough to begin with, now our backups are starting. Thank God it is the Rams and not Dallas.

5. Juqua Parker, your time has arrived. Juqua (pronounced juh-QUAY), our 2005 pickup, changed his name last March from Juqua Thomas to Parker (at the request of his father, who died in 2005) is our starting DE now that Victor Abiamiri is recovering from wrist surgery. I know some of you are like "WHO ARE THEY", but that's why I write this stuff, so you can REALLY know who some key players are. Last season, our pass rush was inconsistent, with only 12 sacks in 9 games. It would be key to see the birds come out with a crippling pass rush this game and have Bulger running for his life.

We are gathering this Sunday on a beautiful 82 degree day at Mulligan's. I spoke to our friends at Anheiuser Busch, and they will have the Bud Light people at the bar with giveaways and prizes. Our beer specials are $2 drafts / $8 pitchers of Yuengling and Bud, Bud Light. $10 buckets of Bud or Bud Light bottles. Plus, this year we have $1 off all other draft beers in the bar during the game. The kitchen will be open and ready to feed you (I love their cajun chicken sandwich).

Also, i'd like to get the club picture in during halftime outside the bar. I only ask it once a year, and if you can take 10 minutes to step outside (don't worry I will have a bullhorn this year to get everyone's attention lol) and we will take a quick group picture of us in our Eagles gear in front of the bar.

Go Birds!

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