Eagles Vs Rams 2008

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Another season with The Philadelphia Eagles Club of Hoboken underway, and here's a few pictures to go along with our opening day:

A dominating win by the Birds on Sunday, and I think the true test will be next week against Dallas. 3 WRs on the Eagles with 100+ yards, a stingy defense that let up only 3 points and one of the best opening days I have seen with the Eagles in years. The bar was rowdy, fun and loud with cheering and chanting.

It was great to meet so many of the new people at the bar, and of course my old regulars. A special shout out to one of our founding members - Kathleen who is getting married and moving to California - thanks for all the memories and support Kathleen and best of luck in Santa Monica!

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Sorry I missed out on the fun last week and this. Unless they aren't on national TV, it's doubtful that the trip will be worth it for me, especially now that I have . But I'll still miss hanging at the bar.

Big time congrats to Kathleen. That's so exciting!

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