Top 5 Items You Should Have On A Rainy Day In Hoboken

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Hoboken, if you haven't heard, is a windy town. Situated along the Hudson River, the howling winds crash into our town often when storm fronts move through the area, since we don't have any big buildings to shield our town.

Today, on an especially rainy fall day, I decided to write a list of things a Hobokenite should have on a wet, windy day in Hoboken, calculated from years of living here and my tried and true research:

1. Gust Buster Umbrella. Haven't heard of a "Gust Buster"? You aren't alone, because on my walk into work today I had the pleasure of watching everyone fight the wind and rain with their inside-out umbrellas. They are extremely well made, and can withstand winds of up to 55 miles per hour. They come in a variety of sizes. I bought the Metro model, for its compact size, it easily fits inside my messenger bag. It does have a small drawback with a small handle, which is hard to hold for those who have larger hands. Also, The Metro may be expensive to some, costing around $40, but it easily pays dividends compared to the sidewalk $5 umbrellas that break in windy weather. I roll my eyes when I walk down the street and see someone holding a forlorn umbrella, clearly on it's last legs and they too cheap to buy a real one.

2. Jack Spade Nylon Canvas Day Bag. I love this bag and I was happy to find out that I didn't have to question my heterosexuality while carrying it. Orginally I wanted to get a leather Indiana Jones kind of bag, but I couldn't find one I liked. I did see that Jack Spade made a great bag to carry my day-to-day items to the office: my gym clothes, my camera, my iPod Touch, magazines for the PATH and my Mangum Research Desert Eagle .50 AE handgun. Oh I keed, I keed - but if guns were legal to carry, that is what i'd have. But the bag is well made, with a rain proof lining, which keeps all my items nice and dry. It's large enough to carry what I need, but not too big and bulky. Also I think it's sharp looking and I can wear it with jeans or if i'm dressed up in my "business casual" work wear.

3. The North Face M Venture Jacket. Big fan of the jacket, because it's just a waterproof nylon shell with some extra features. The hood is great, especially on windy days. It has a few zippers that allow the jacket to "breathe" a bit better, allowing it to stay cool on damp days. Its easy to roll up, and stuff in my Jack Spade messenger bag when the sky clears up. It's great to wear into work, or to The Hunt, or to an Eagles game. I just and check the weather channel, layer appropiately, and leave my condo.

4. Wellington Boots. Known as "Wellies" I love these boots, and and really like the Men's Short Boots in black. Many girls in Hoboken opt for more fashionable, colorful boots, like those from J. Crew. I spied a girl walking to the PATH with yellow boots and her matching yellow umbrella - but was inside out while she was pulled by the wind down the street. There's a fine line between fashion and utility and she, sadly, was on the wrong side of that street. With all the flooded streets in downtown Hoboken, having boots like these are great on rainy or snowy days.

5. Single Malt Scotch. Nothing ends my rainy days better than a nice glass of scotch to warm my bones. I won't call myself a traditional scotch drinker, I mostly like the scotches from sherry casks (probably due to my love of Port wine), and I alternate buying either a 12 year old Glendronach, the 12 year old Sherry Cask Glemorangie or the Balvenie Double Wood. Yes, I drink all on the rocks (ok you purists, pipe down). All are available locally at Sparrow Wine and Liquor for around +/- $50 a bottle, or you can always buy scotch online and save some money, too.

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