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Fall is here, and most everyone I know is very excited for the new season.

Me? Well I like fall, but I don't love it. I hate watching the sun set a bit sooner each day. I very much prefer walking to out of my house without having to think about wearing a coat. I'm going to miss my sunny weekends at Bradley Beach.

Last weekend was a bit quiet. Friday I stayed in, because of the rain and I wasn't "in the mood" to drink at a bar. Wasn't feeling it. Watched some TV and surfed the internet a bit.

Saturday had a party at my buddy Matt's house. It was his housewarming party with friends and family, a good crowd of about 30 people around the same age. We had catered food from Vito's deli, beer pong, college football and a very nice balcony to enjoy once the weather cleared up.

That's something I miss from my old apartment - having someplace outside for parties. At my current condo, I don't have a balcony. If I want to step outside and just enjoy myself, I don't even have an option except leave my condo. I think that will be important when I try to buy a new place.

Sunday rolled around and my mom came up to visit. Mom, being Mom, brought up homemade cookies and sausage & pepper, along with some other items she knew I would like (read: Tastykakes). She also brought up my college diploma, nicely framed, which I hung on the wall in my room.

Segue: I was at my mom's house for Easter and looking for some bottles of wine in her basement. While looking, I saw a leather bound folder on a shelf with the Villanova tag on it, and looked inside to see my diploma. I completely forgot about it, and when I mentioned about taking it home with me, my mother offered to get it framed as a present for my house. Awwww.

Now that summer is over, not sure if I am going back to Mikie Squared. I haven't even asked the owners about it, and I figure that i'm fairly happy having Saturday nights free. Maybe if something were to come along, I would consider it, but I think in the short term my days of making martinis and mojitos are numbered.

At Matt's party, we got to a point at midnight where the beer was running out, and a few people, including Matt, asked where in town we could get beer. I knew of a few places, but none were close nor would they deliver. Being the bartender that I am, figured that it was time to restock the bar. I made a phantom exit, without telling anyone.

I walked from Matt's penthouse at Observer Lofts, over to Hoboken Discount Liquors, which is right outside my condo.

I buy two cases of Miller Lite, and standing there with the two cases, i'm thinking that my walk for the next 6-7 blocks may be do-able, but i'll be sweating like a pig by the time I return to Matt's condo.

I see a kid in the store, who looks to be about 21 years old. I turn to him and say, "You want to make $10 and help me carry these to a party?"

"Hell yeah!", he says, "Just give me a second, my ride is outside."

He comes back in the store and is trying to find cheap liquor for him and his friends. Keeps asking the store keeper what they have for $10. He picks up a bottle for $16.99 and I stop him and say, "Dude, i'll buy that bottle, you just get me in your car and drive me to the party."

His eyes light up and he says, "Hey, we will drive you to Jersey City for that!"

I get outside and into the tricked out Nissan with chrome rims, with two girls in the backseat, a guy driver and my friend from inside the store, hopping into the backseat with the girls. Part of my brain is briefly thinking, "Maybe this isn't such a good idea, you could get mugged..."

But I did it anyhow.

They were cool, and we briefly chatted while they drove me from Willow to Jackson, along Observer. I got out of the car, thanked them for the ride and went back to the party.

Beer pong continued until 3am.

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