All My Sons

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When I saw that "All My Sons" was on Broadway, I was intrigued. I knew of Arthur Miller's work, thinking back to my years studying at LaSalle College High School, I remembered my English teacher at the time, Mr. McCabe, showing us Miller's "A Death Of A Salesman", starring Dustin Hoffman and John Malkovich. It really was one of those events that sparked my imagination and enjoyment of literature and theatre. Later, I went on to study English Literature at Villanova University, and eventually when I moved to New York City, I often tried to take advantage of what Broadway had to offer.

I have been to a few Broadway shows ("Rent", "Monty Python's The Holy Grail", "The Producers" "Macbeth" with Patrick Stewart), spending more time trying to get out to see Shakespeare in the Park, during the summer months. I like to go when I can enjoy it with someone special, rather than going alone or trying to get simply "friends" to come with me. But I wanted to see this for other reasons, too.

First, it had John Lithgow, who I loved in so many of his movies, growing up. I remember watching him in "The World According to Garp", "Twilight Zone: The Movie", "Footloose" (which he also filmed with fellow castmate Dianne Wiest) and even enjoying his goofy roles in "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension" or "Harry and the Hendersons". Later in life I loved watching him in "3rd Rock from the Sun" and was one of the few people who Tivo'd him in "Twenty Good Years". I always thought he was a great actor, and reminds me of a natural, someone like Dustin Hoffman or Gene Hackman.

Second, it was easy to get tickets. I just went on ticketmaster, they had tickets for almost any show I wanted and I bought a Tuesday night performance, with good seats, in about five minutes.

Third, the show has Katie Holmes, who lately has been fodder for all the gossip websites, and I think she brings a certain intrigue to the entire show - is she good? Would Xenu make a cameo?

I had to recruit someone to tag along with me, and I asked my friend Tiffany to come along for a Tuesday night show at 7pm. We tried to score seats at Becco, but they were packed and had a 45 minute wait for seats. Instead, we walked into Sushi of Gari 46, a few doors down at 347 W. 46th St.

I would highly recommend that if you want outstanding sushi with quick, excellent service before a show on Broadway, I would steer everyone towards this small sushi restaurant. The downside is that it can be a bit pricey and the portions may be smaller than you expect in Hoboken, but the high quality of the fish, the presentation and service made it worth it for Tiffany and myself.

After our meal, we went to the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre (formerly the Plymouth), only a few blocks away, quickly got to our seats, and watched the show.

I think back to all the shows I have been to, which would probably pale in comparion to many of you reading this now, and think that most of them I left thinking that they were "good". Even Rent, was a good show (I didn't see it with the original cast), and for the most part I was never floored by a show.

Maybe it was my lack of experience of "Great Broadway", but I really enjoyed the show. On a simple scale of 1 to 10, i'd give it a 9, with my humble scale. Other critics have given the show mixed reviews.

Perhaps I need to get more plays under my belt, but I felt the performances were excellent, I was drawn into the play and very much enjoyed all the characters and didn't feel anyone had a "one note performance". The show simply captivated me, and I would say that if you are someone who is looking for something different to do, and want to take advantage of what New York has to offer, this would be a great time to go out and try and take in a great show - especially that the discount ticket TKTS booth in Times Square has been refurbished.

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