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To those that noticed, the site was down this morning. Our server got mixed up in a move by our hosting provider.

The hosting provider also owns If you haven't heard, is relaunching very soon (I think today), and i'm very excited to see the new changes. Everyone at Datapipe and have been a true help to my site.

Did you know that this month is my 4th year blogging in town? I'm shocked it has been that long, and it's still great to get so many emails from people. I got a great email yesterday from someone I didn't even know who wanted to add some information about my Pantry Entry:

I hope you are enjoying experimenting with your own cooking.

Your pantry list is a good one, but I do have two opinions on some of the ingredients on your list. First, boullion cubes are pure, dehydrated evil. I would suggest buying stock in a re-sealable cardboard box. If you don't think will go through it quickly enough, fill an icecube tray with the stock and freeze it. Once frozen, empty the trays into a zip lock bag. Be sure to label and date the bag to eliminate scary freezer archeology in the future. The stock cubes should last for six months.

Secondly, those "cooking wines" one purchases in a super market are just horrible mixtures of salt and something that may legally qualify as wine, maybe. With wines in a box improving, and their shelf lives of up to six weeks, keeping some of them around for cooking is a good idea. Vermouth, because of it's long shelf life, is also a good substitute for a cooking wine.

Have fun in the kitchen.

Comments - If you didn't know, something is massively wrong with my comments on this site. I got a few emails from people asking if I blocked them from commenting, and I did not. I'm not sure what's going on there. Certainly you can always email me and I always reply to people:

Eagles - yep, not happy they lost. I'm shocked because I know they are a better team than this, just can't figure out the exacts to why they are sputtering the last two games. Bad coaching? WRs dropping key passes? Still a lot of season to play to work this out, and I still think the Birds are a playoff team, just shocked we lost to the Redskins and Chicago, two winnable games. But what can you do - much like the Phillies, just gotta make it to the playoffs.

And how about those Phillies? What can you say when your team takes care of business and wins? I'm extremely happy to see the Phillies in the NLCS for the first time since 1993. Dodgers hammered us during the regular season, and it will be a tough series, no doubt. To me, it's a win/win situation. I'm just glad to see the Phillies in the post season twice in two years, and seeing our team getting better each year. Dodgers aren't going to be easy, but it's anyone's series, I think the Phillies can win if they play their "A" game.

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Dodgers didn't exactly hammer us. They swept us in LA. We swept them in Philly. We also took one against Boston when Manny was still there, for what thats worth.

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