Outback Steakhouse: Edgewater

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A friend of mine invited me out for dinner a few weeks back, for helping her out with something which was important to her.

We kept trying to figure out where we wanted to eat, with food that she could eat (she's on a diet). I was thinking of trying to eat at McSwiggan's, but most of the menu items were deep fried bar food, with few "healthy" choices. The standard visit "Court Street" was in play, since we both liked eating there, but our enthusiasm waned a bit.

She read my blog and said, "What about Outback?"

Mmmmmmmmmmm. Nom nom nom.

Outback it is! We got in my car, drove over and 20 minutes later (on a Tuesday night at 7:30pm) entered the restaurant.

We take one look around, the place is packed, with people sitting and standing waiting for tables.The entire bar, and surrounding booths were full. I ask the manager how long the wait is, and was told "25-30 minutes or you can wait near the bar and try to get a seat when someone leaves."

My friend takes one look at me and says, "You were right, this place would do great in Hoboken. I'd eat here once a week. Look how packed it is...on a TUESDAY!"

Eventually we grabbed a seat at the bar, and I had a 9 ounce Victoria's "Center Cut" Filet, with wild rice and asparagus. It wasn't Luger's or The Strip House, but compared to ANY steak I have had in Hoboken, it was completely worth the 15 minute drive to Edgewater.

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