Phillies To The World Series!

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It's been a long road as a Phillies fan.

Growing up in Richboro, I remember hot summer days when we played baseball behind Doug's house, with the "Green Monster" Willow Tree snagging our home run balls. I can remember it like yesterday, I swear, with the smell of freshly cut grass and drinking Mom's homemade Iced Tea by the gallon.

Back then, watching the Phillies as a great team in the late 70's, I was only 8 or 9 years old. We would watch the Phillies play on those lazy Sunday afternoons, and then play baseball after the game, when it was a bit cooler outside, trying to emulate Michael Jack Schmidt as best we could.

I remember the 1980 season it was one where the Phillies won the National League East division by one game over the Montreal Expos. My brother and I watched the playoffs on his small 13 inch black and white TV in his bedroom, often when our parents were asleep. The World Series game on Tuesday, October 21, 1980 was watched on that little TV, with he and I dancing around his bedroom in our pajamas and socks.


I feel for the current Philly fans. There's a whole generation of fans who grew up remembering the Phillies as losers. They didn't have fun summer memories of World Series champions, they get to possibly remember 1983 losses or the 1993 "Joe Carter" Toronto Blue Jays.

Now we have some new memories. One of my favorites is simply being the guy who brought all the Phillies fans together in Hoboken. I have been here 14 years now and there was no such thing as a "Philly" bar in Hoboken, ever. Oh sure, you would see a few people from time to time wearing their hats, but there wasn't a place they could all walk into, on any playoff night and see a sea of fans from their hometown.

My memories will be watching the games with all the fans at the bar this year. Meeting new Phillies fans with the Philadelphia Phillies Club of Hoboken, and watching them sing "We Are The Champions" at Mulligan's bar while shooting champagne on to the crowd after we beat LA.

It has been a rough road getting to this point. Last season's collapse in the post season, leading to this year's highs and lows over the season, along with winning 13 of our last 16 to take the division over the Mets.

The Phillies are the best team in the National League for 2008. I love just writing that. Sure, a World Series is the true measure of a teams success, but the Phillies are champions of every team in the National League this year, and no one can take that away from us. If you are a fan, this is the moment to get excited with the possibility that the Phillies can go all the way.

Congratulations Phillies fans. Enjoy the ride and the memories.

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