World Series Game 2

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Oooh. Tampa strikes back!

Well, it was expected by me that this series wouldn't be a sweep either way. I'm still glad we won 1 of 2 in Tampa.

Certainly not thrilled about not being able to get runners home, but I still think it would be 10x worse, with Joe Buck dancing in the asiles cheering on Tampa, if we didn't get players ON BASE.

I think the umps need to go back to umpire school. Both nights, very questionable calls all around, especially with strike zones, checked swings and hit batters. Ninth inning Phillies should have had runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs. Not that it really would have made a difference, we had that all night long and still couldn't score a measley run until Victorino finally did it.

Werth is the goat for game 2. Far too many boneheaded mistakes. Also, 2003 called and said he needs to shave the goatee.

Once again, right about Ryan Howard. Right handed pitchers he loves and lefties laugh at him. Been that way all season, folks. Sure, he does, every once in a while, get hot on a leftie.

Greg Dobbs looked terrible. Terrible. Deer in headlights, "I can't see the ball" terrible. I am shocked about that.

J. Ro is such an incredible force on defense. Just wish the guy could get his bat going! What a threat he is on base.

Hats off to the Tampa Bay Rays. Good game, they deserved to win. Phillies played a sloppy "B" game, and allowed Tampa to get the jump early.

I'm hoping Phillies can go back home and win at least 2 of 3 at home. I don't expect a sweep by the Phillies, but you never know. The last 2 games have been tight games and this has been an interesting series so far.

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