World Series Game 5

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The Philadelphia Phillies are the 2008 World Series Champions.

Amazing that I even can type this. My head kept saying that the Rays would beat us in 6 games, but my heart kept saying the Phillies would win this. I'm glad to see my heart was right for once.

There's many thoughts that come to mind as I write this at 2am.

First thought is that "Nothing Is Easy In Philadelphia".

This has been an extremely hard road for the Phillies. 2 years of ending up second place to the Mets. Then last year swept by the Rockies. This year we catch another break, thanks to the Mets, and get past Milwaukee to the Dodgers who took care of the Cubs for us.

Someone remind TJ Simers that "Angryville" is now known as Happy Valley. It's been extended from Penn State into Philly.

This feeling that I have is simply great. A relief. A satisfied sigh that rattles the soul. So many years to endure the barbs and quips of the haters, those people who just hated Philly with a passion is gone.

This was just wonderful to enjoy the win with my friends at Mulligan's Bar in Hoboken. The place went berserk. I took video from one half of the bar, the other side of the bar was going just as crazy. We had about 120 fans in the bar, jumping up and down.

After I took the video they handed be a bottle of champagne that we opened and sprayed into the crowd. We sang we are the champions, danced and I think I must have given out a high-five to about everyone in the bar. Plenty of back clapping and hugging.

A big thank you to those who are part of the "OC" the "Original Crew" of my club who have been with me through the years with their loyalty and trust. Big props to them tonight, we deserve this night - we were the fans when everyone else would be negative and stay home for games this year.

My only wish of wishes is that I could enjoy this with my dad. My mom called me at the bar, and she's been my #1 fan all season long, talking to me about the Phillies. She told me that she put Phillies flags on my father's grave on Saturday (Game 3). I have no doubt that him, Pop Pop, Uncle Bud and Skippy are having a great time in heaven right now cheering on the Phillies.

My Phillies. My 2008 World Champions. The curse is broken.

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