World Series Game 1

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"I always say it's better to come up empty with a lot of guys in scoring position than not have any runners at all," Utley said.

That was probably the best quote of the night to sum up the game. Phillies played well. Had runners on base. Just a single away from the score ending 5-2 versus 3-2.

Play the same way again, I say. Just get a few more "small ball" hits and the Phillies will cruise to another win tonight.

I think the pitching looked solid. Defense was nearly spectacular, with only Howard goofing twice in his fielding, but making up for it by reaching into the stands to get a foul out.

I seriously wonder why Coste was the DH, but I guess hindsight is 20/20, and easy to say that after the game. To me, I would still just use our best bat in the lineup, and have Greg Dobbs at DH or, possibly, Pat Burrell at DH and have someone in right field to replace him.

Another thought is if the Rays defense puts the shift on Utley & Howard, i'd keep doing what Utley tried in the first inning: bunt. Why not? Get a run on base and put the Rays on their heels.

Big win for the fightin's, for 5 key reasons:

1. You get that monkey off your back about not being able to win in clutch games.
2. You nullify homefield advantage.
3. You prove you can win, on the road, in Tampa, against a hostile crowd.
4. The Phillies can relax a bit, realize that what they did in Game 1 they can do again.
5. The pressure is on the Rays now.

No matter how you slice it, every game is huge. But i'll tell ya, tonight's game is bigger for the Rays than the Phillies. Sure, Phillies want to win, but the Rays NEED to win now. They can't afford to roll into Philadelphia down 2 games and play in a hostile stadium.

Phillies are in the driver's seat. Go out, play hard like they did Game 1 and see if they can earn another win in Tampa. That's it.

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