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Yes, it has been a while. All three of my daily readers are crushed i'm sure with my lack of updates.

So, what's new with me?

The parade in Philly was a blast, obviously. It was "PhillyStock", with love in the air and a sea of red & white. Fans were all out in force, and lots of kids with their parents. I said to Melissa, who joined me for the festivities: "This is why the championship is so great, you now have a new generation of Philly fans, the kids, who are growing up and now associate their baseball team with being champions. There's a whole generation of kids who grew up around here who didn't even know what this feeling was like."

I broke down last week and finally bought a Xbox 360. For years I resisted, figuring that PC games were (and still technically are) my favorite way to game, but what got me was one game I didn't get for my PC - Guitar Hero.

Yep, I broke down and bought Guitar Hero III and an Xbox 360, and been rocking out in my apartment. I hate to say it, but the commercials of models & stars doing their best "Risky Business" impressions is funny and poignant, because when you play the game with a band's song you really like (for example Rage Against The Machine, KIss, Pearl Jam & Rolling Stones were just enormously fun to play) - you DO get into the song.

Anyhow, aside from enabling my inner nerd, it makes me laugh because I mentioned at work that I got an Xbox 360, and I got no less than 10 co-workers who all said they had one too and started talking about the games they are playing.

Now, i'm 36. My coworkers are all around the same 30's range, some older and some younger. We are all excited my videogames, or in some cases, they even play the videogames with their kids.

I think back to the days of growing up, when my dad and mom were in their mid 30's. They were both 36 in 1978. They had 4 kids by then. My two sisters were 12. My brother was 9 and I was 6. I'm fairly sure my dad was working for Laventhol and Horwath accounting in Philly by this time and we were living in Richboro, in our new house in Tanyard Farms.

I can't imagine my father being anything like me at 36. Or his co-workers from 1978 for that matter.

Is it me or is our society, along with staying alive longer, also stretching out the boundaries of our youth?

I'm on facebook. I play videogames for fun. I really want to see "Role Models" and my favorite TV shows are "Chuck", "Entourage", "Heroes", "Battlestar Galactia", "Dr. Who" & "Lost". My weekends are basically about drinking at a local pub or getting together for dinner with friends or some form of entertainment.

When I think about my parents, and their lives, and then look at mine I just laugh. I think it's hilarious, because i'm sort of living a quasi-extended version of my life at 21. Hey, I love my life. I'm not complaining about anything. I have no huge responsibilities except paying my mortgage, which translates into "keeping my job". So far, so good.

Well enough about that. Other stuff going on is that I want to spruce up my bathroom a bit. First step is getting a shower door for my tub. I'm trying to find a frameless shower door, like this one.

Next, i'm trying to find a cool sink vanity / mirror combo. That's been giving me the most problems, i'm open to suggestions, if you have them.

Thanksgiving coming up soon. Plans are, again, to head down to DC to my brother's house and see the rest of the family. Should be a good day, and even with my Eagles floundering, i'll be happy to watch them play at 8pm on Turkey Day. Hopefully I won't be in a food induced coma.

Now back to my games...

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